Friday, 17 August 2012

My Son and is Born!

Hello everyone! my son was born on Thursday 9th August at 4.04am after a funny 4hr labour and delivery.

I woke up at after midnight with contractions that hurt andhad me bent over and pounding the wall! after 10mins and a few trips to the loo I realised that this must be it. I rang my midwife but she was off, I rung the other midwife the lovely Jess and made arrangements to go in.

I wanted a taxi, my partner looked at me like i,d changed into a alien and said no, the midwife's advice was a ambulance as once i,m in labour I progress rather fast..... so rung the ambulance and after 10mins taking down medical history and timing my contractions which were weirdly spaced and lasting for different lengths of time.

Well we got to the hospital and I was begging Jess for gas and air but I looked to be only 2-3cms dilated!!!!
I wanted to cry! So  walked around, crouching or leaning on my partner and rushing to the loo to throw up (first time ever that contractions made me hurl).

Then we got moved next door to the pool room i hoped i would deliver in!!! get in there!!!! lol.
It has a lovely beach mural with dolphins and seashells and twinkling leds that change colour over the birthing pool.

Next thing I know I start groaing and Jess says that they sound like pushin noises, so got the gas and air sharpish. I took a massive pull, then dashed to the toilet (read slow i,ve-jus-gotten-off-a-horse-lope) and hurled again.

Then it was show time, I crouched/leant onto a bean bag and with each push, took in some gas and air.After about 10 pushes and his foot getting a bit stuck, my 6lb 7oz son was passed through my legs and onto my chest,squalling.

It was love at first sight,holding this rather small person. His older sibling with the exception of my 12 year old who was 5lb 15oz and 5 weeks early were all weightier, 6lb 15oz and 7lb 6oz respectively.
I was actually shell shocked as I had given birth only 2 hours after I had arrived and had been in established labour and delivered in only 3-4hours.

I then got to have a bath in the birthing pool!!!! I was wondering how  could get it out of the hosital and transport it home! not that it would fit in my tiny bathroom.It was huge!

So thats what i have been up to. Have a beautiful day everyone! Peace xx Danielle

The Artist's Creed

Today I found this beautiful poem on another artist's blog, . I have no idea who the author is but thought i would share it with you all here. I personally feel that all people who create,including children,novice artists/makers,everyone who makes a song,play,film,poem,novel,sculpture,garment etc.. will identify with at least one verse of this poem.

The Artists Creed

I believe I am worth the time it takes to create whatever I feel to create.
I believe my work is worthy of it's own space which is worthy of the name Sacred.
I believe that when I enter this space, I have the right to work in silence,uninterrupted for as long as I choose.

I believe that the moment I open myself to the gifts of The Muse,I open myself to the source of all creation and become one with the Mother of Life itself.
I believe that my work is Joyful,Useful and Constantly Changing,flowing like a river wiith no beginning and no end.

I believe that what it is I am called to do will make itself known when I have made myself ready.
I believe that the time I spend creating my art is as precious as the time I spend giving to others.
I believe that what truly matters in the making of art is not what the final piece looks like or sounds like,not what it is worth or not worth, but what newness gets added to the universe in the process of the piece itself becoming.

I believe that I am not alone in my attempts to create...

For the rest of this beautiful and inspiring poem visit a truly refreshing and spirit repleshing blog. I felt totally creatively revived and more positive about myselfa a person and artist after visiting ths blog.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

It's been awhile and hectic..

Hey all! Oh my goodness. My poor,poor blog I have not forsaken you!
The last month has been very busy, with me doing and finishing my Childcare Level 1 course.
I,m now in the final days of my teaching course. The assignments are stacking up! plus I have to plan , design and deliver a 30min class in my specialist subject to my peers. You would not believe the paper work that this entails for planing the session, then feedback and assessment forms..whoo!
Oh and to top it all off even though we "finish" on the 12th of july we actually have till the end of the month to complete two huge assignments which are a putting together of concepts and ideas from all our other assignments but in relation to a new set of questions.And we have to add more thoughts etc.. to it  and quotes from different books,websites to back up our arguments.

I feel tired just writing that.


Lets not forget that my unborn son is due on 12th of August. I feel a bit like a hippo and keep on getting some serious braxton hicks, so serious I had to wait and see if I actually was in labour or not.
Also this boy can kick! jeez! My tummy is moving alot and shuddering,twitching,bouncing. My partner gets kicked in the back every night ( i love to snuggle my bump into his very curved back to keep it warm). but doesn't mind as he loves knowing that our boy is moving,growing and getting stronger each day.
My last scan is also this month at 36weeks and 4days on the 19th of july by which time i,ll have my hospital bag packed. ( and stock to finish for that week saturday, plus those two huge assignments to start on and complete as fast as possiable.)


I know i'm off my rocker doing all this while growing a new life (particularly near the end of my pregnancy) but hey, it made sense to get a couple of courses done in order to furthur my employment prospects and I have to get my biz off the ground once and for all.
You think all thats mad, I'm applying to do childcare level 2 in September when my little man will only be a about 5-6 weeks old.Thank goodness I have a supportive loving partner who will be taking care of our boy.

I am also working hard on making stock for a craft fair I have coming up on tthe 21st of July in Islington London. I,ll do a little postie about the event and the organisers soon.

Ok y'all thats it, I just wanted you all to know why there has been nothing for a while.
I should have some photo's on here by next Monday as I have to create my classroom website for my micro-teach which will be developed furthur with embroidery technique video's, bead embroidery ideas, projects and more.

See you soon, now i'm off to do more research, 3 assignments due this Thursday and fill out paper work and get my pregnancy meds from the pharmacy.


Tuesday, 29 May 2012

New developments

Hello! did you miss me? Sorry for the lack of posts, my it's been a bit busy lately.
As you might know i,m studying two courses at once and while it's great, boy is it exhausting on the ole brain.
It's going to get more intense as I start thinking about planning my first micro lesson (on Mixed Media textiles.) where I teach my classmates on my PTLLS teaching course (preparing to teach in the lifelong learning sector) eek! On top of regular baby scans and check ups to make sure both myself and my son are well. Which we are, he's 28weeks into development and already over 2lb in weight! and kicking,tumbling,bouncing and generally hyper.

While doing all of that, I am slowly finishing off the last of a collection of 20 Goddess Pendents for House of SpiritFlower. A release date will be announced 3 days before hand with preview pics.
Work is also hotting up on my art doll website which is in progress.I,ll do a proper launch date announcement nearer the time.My website category's are, Goddess Doll Collection, Story Dresses, Elementals and Guardians collection. Pictures will follow in the next week.

So I bid you adieu for now my follow creatives and will see you soon with lots of pictures taken by my lovely long suffering partner.

Have a great day and for all you in the UK have a great Jubilee Bank Holiday! i,ll be watching o a big screen in Hammersmith sipping a nice chilled glass of juice (no it's not a euphemism for wine!).

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Something to think about Sunday : water your dreams

Be careful what you water your dreams with,water them with worry and fear and you will produce weeds that choke the life from your dream.Water them with optimism and solutions and you will cultivate sucess.Always be on the lookout for ways to turn a problem into a opportunity for success.Always be on the lookout for ways to nurture your dreams.
                       Lao Tzu

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

What to do for my birthday?

Hello Everyone! Happy Tuesday to you. I,m going to be 31 on sunday and have no clue what to do to celebrate. Although to be far the last few days I,ve had and some very saddening news I had yersterday makes me not very much in the party mood,but I think I should do something nice to at least not let the day slip by.

Any ideas would be great, especially if they are cheap,creative and involve lots of laughter! Oh and yummy non-alcholic drinks for me to sip ,yes i,m european and we have the doc's saying that two small glasses of wine if ok per week but i really do not like the idea of my baby being sozzled.Plus have you seen a toddler that goes and takes a cheeky sneaky sip (or three) of weak cider and the effects? I have, it's funny but a bit disturbing to.The kid turns into a monster and starts growling at everything,is hyper and then just conks out fast asleep and is fine the next day Thank goodness.
The child had kept on going off and coming back looking rather pleased with themselves and then looked a bit unsteady.The adult went to get their drink and realised some was missing,looked at child and realised that the glass should have been hidden more carefully where kid could not get it and take little nips of the stuff.

Anyhoo any ideas would be great, otherwise it's a chickflick dvd,popcorn and some chocolate ( a normal weekday night at the moment, plus antacids on account of the heartburn caused by little man's movements.)


Sunday, 15 April 2012

Behind the Seams:Work ,projects,ideas in the pipeline coming very soon!

Hey all! Happy Sunday to you. I hope you read my newest Handmade Blog Feature post on the fab Robin Rizzi which should be below this post.

I have some exciting developements to announce. This month all my websites for House of Spiritflower will have some stock in them, a mix of bags, jewellery and hair accessories with a few art dolls as well.

Talking about art dolls, I have made a seperate website with it's own intergrated blog and galleries dedicated only to my Art Dolls,Wallhangings, Textile Canvases and Shrines. The website is under construction but the blog is active on there please be aware that the site is a bit raw! and not much on there right now, keep checking it to see whats happening as the blog will be active and well as galleries and Events page until I set up the store.

The other websites are on Folksy,Craftstar and I will be trying to get as much on these sites as possiable phtographing and listing as I make my art. There will be some sneak peeks and talking about the pieces on here. But for my Textile Art i,ll direct you to my SpiritFlower Kachina website.

Ok folks thats it, sorry no pretty pictures today.There will be as soon as i get more done.
Oh before I forget, I will be trading at Spitalfields Market East London on May 12th 2012 9am - 5pm. Sneak peeks of stock will be revealed from next week. All items will also be available across my Folksy, Etsy and with options for different colourways.


Handmade Blog Feature: Rizzart by Robin Rizzi

Robin Rizzi is a artist who transforms and makes objects and jewllery using papers,paint,imagery and lots of artistic flair. She mixes her media the way a painter mixes colour.Layering material over material,colour on colour,idea and intention till a piece is finished and realised.
Welcome to the Mixed Media Art of Robin Rizzi

What inspired you to become a mixed- media artist and create a handmade business from it?
I have been crafting and making art for years.Starting with Sewing knitting and crochet.
I,ve always been intrigued by different media but my interest really blossomed when I started working at Micheals 7 years ago. (for those who don't know of it Micheals is a one stop shop for art and craft supplies in the usa.) Just being exposed to all the paper,ribbon,beads,yarn and paints- I found more than enough inspiration.But where to start? Somehow I stumbled upon mixed - media and began to read books and magazines that featured mixed-media work.

I began by making my own altered clothing and eventually jewellery,collage and assemblage.

Decoupaged Bird Houses Materials include decorative papers
fabric flowers, bronze rooster,swarovski crystal hotfix. These are available in Robin's shop

You use mainly paper and the technique of decoupage in your work.How did that come about?
I love paper,whether it's beautifully patterned scrapbook paper, vintage ephemara like books,magazines and sheet music or handmade paper.
I knew i'd never have the organisational skills to be a scrapbooker,(all my photo's are in one big suitcase) but I had to find a way to use those beautiful papers.
I love decoupage in almost a tactile way , I love the way the paper smooths out and becomes a part of the surface it's adhered to, transforming it.

Decoupaged and embellished Coat Hangers. Materials include Papers, Paper motifs, yarn and silk ribbons and brass charm. currently available in her shop.
I adore your Cross Series,what was the inspiration behind it?
Although I,m a Catholic, I,m probably not a very good one! I am not very good at following rules,but I do find solace and inspiration in the traditions and images of the faith. 
I find the form very of the Cross very reassuring and to me crosses express the basic goodness of the human and the divine.
I like to think that one does not necessarily have to be Catholic or even Christian to appreciate their message.
We all have spirtuality within us , the cross is only one way to embody it.
To me crosses are more spiritual than faith based in in any specific sense.

Decoupaged wooden crosses.Materals include papers, silk ribbons,swarovski crystal hotfix,decoupaged words "Believe" "Hope" "Love" and acrylic paint. Crosses are currently available in Robins etsy shop
You use alot of positive words as part of your artwork such as "Dream" and "Divine". How did the use of words enter your artwork and for that matter your jewellery such as your decoupage dictionary necklaces and initial necklaces?
I am a formaer academic and I love books and words.I am intrigued by the power just one single word can have. I hope that those who view my work or wear my jewellery draw their own personal meanings  from these words.

Remember Pendent materials include Vinatge Dictionary page, stamped word, Swarovski crystal rose siam bicone, wing brass charm,chain and brass eyelets.
I see that you use the beautiful swarovski crystals in your work as well as glitter to add sparkle.How did having shiny,sparkly elements in your work come about and why?
I have always been attracted to glittery things! much of my work has a vintage feel ,but although I love the aged patina of old things,I also love bold colours and sparkle.
By combining the two, I feel i am bringing new life into old things - objects and things that may have once sparkled when new, may still have a glitzy spirit left in them. As an artist I try to coax that glimmer back to the surface.

Geometric Pendents Decoupaged Jewellery. Materials include decorative papers, Swarovski crystal hofix and bicone beads, gears and chain. Pieces ae avaialble in Robin's shop in a variety of beautiful colours.
What has been the most fulfilling aspect of creating a handmade business?
Finally doing something I always wanted to do (even though I wasn't always aware of it) and realsing that at 50 I can actually learn new things and conquer them.

What has been the hardest aspect of creating a handmade business?
Before I opened my handmade shop, I could barely open my email.Learning how to navigate the internet,learning SEO,photography,all the technical aspects of putting my work out there was a major challenge.Thank God for teenage daughter's!

Who are you favorite Esians and why?
Oh gosh there are so many wonderful people on Etsy, so many people that have helped me and so many who's work I admire. I couldn't name some without omitting many others!

Where can we find your work on the web?

Thankyou Robin for sharing your gorgeous work with us.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Handmade Blog Feature: Kindred Dream Heart Part 2

Happy Easter or Spring break to everyone! Today i,m going to Post the 2nd part of Katrina's inspiring story and on Monday will be the turn of Robin Rizzart and her religious mixed media art. which I thought was very appropriate for Easter. (edit: yep it's now after Easter Sun/Mon  a trip to A&E to get my finger stitched up due to a massive gash/hole that just missed the tendon put paid to my blogging plans)

Without further ado, here's Katrina's Story Part2 (haha that rhymed!).

What's the process behind your intricate creations?
I always start with the fabric.I can sketch all day,but the fabric speaks to me. I may sketch one thing,get the fabric,then create something totally different. I normally sketch when I,m stuck on a concept or unsure about where to put a notion.
I prefer using the draping technique as opposed to the drafted pattern on muslin, so I rarely duplicate my designs.

White Leopard Faux Suede with Magenta Satin 2 tier hooded capelet available at

What materials do you use in your fashions?
I,ve sewn with all types of fabrics , from upholstery to silk. My favourites are Sateen,Brocade,Faux fur and Wool. When it comes to print, I like whimsical designs.I have an uncanny ability to pick overlooked materials and try to make them appealing.
If it's a shade of purple,that's always a plus.
What's next for Kindred Dream heart?
Selling on Etsy is a big step for me and heartbreaking.It's always hard for me to part with my creations.My husband told me one day that if I just wanted to sew, just to frame my work, he would be supportive.
So the next avenue for Kindred Dream heart will be Menswear.

Who are your favourite etsians and why?
I,m still very new to Etsy, however there are so many wonderful etsians from the Etsy forums: and so many are note worthy.The first etsian I ever met who introduced me to the community and the Etsy website was Danielle Pierce HTTP ://
She's my sister -in-law. I,ve bought from her shop in the past and her collections are great.
She's also helped me on numerous occasions  outside of Etsy in a collaboration fashion show,sewing tips,and overall encouragement and support.

Who are your design hero's?
There are so many designers I want to mention; however my design hero's would be Coleen Atwood and Tony Bowls.
Atwood is Amazing with a capital A; especially the costumes she created via collaboration with Tim Burton.
Bowls is a master of layers and I love how his designs still look formal and elegant in spite of the complex and elaborate construction.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of setting up/running your own label?
The most rewarding aspect of setting up/running my own label has been a new learning experience.I enjoy learning new things and gaining new experiences.
My childhood dream of being "everything" has not died out.

What has been the hardest aspect of setting up/running your own label?
The hardest part of settingup/runnig my own label has been trying to devote more time.Sometimes I wish the world still operated on a barter system.Perhaps then I could achieve my full potential as an artist without the 9 to 5 distraction.

What tips would you give other aspiring designers?
I would say " Stay Postitive" I've made long term friends in the industry and many doors have opened all because of a positive attitude.

Where else can we find you on the web?

Monday, 2 April 2012

Baby update.

Hey all! and happy Monday to you all! well I got some news. I had my 20week scan last Thursday and my partner and I found out we are expecting another little boy!
It was rather funny because I spotted some of the telling equipment,but wasn't sure until the sonographer froze the image and yep a little dinky. So we are going into baby equipment overdrive as some stuff broke or got given away after our nearly 2year old so was born.So this is number 4 and yep i,m already thinking another babe wil have to made down the line as we were really expecting a girl! but you know what I fell in love of course as soon as I saw the scan again. I have to go for lots of scans (yay more seeing the baby!) but on a serious note it's to check all aspects of babe's growth as to make sure all is well and i,m not developing any placenta blood clots.This is what killed my 2nd daughter at 26weeks and 3days of pregnancy,  my first child with my partner. (that means this baby is actually number 5 for me.).

Anyways all I do is just go from scan to scan and give thanks everytme everything is allright.Little man is kicking around right now,making himself comfy vefore he catches his 40winks.

Oh great gotta go 3mins left, my next post will be about Freeform Crochet, something I would really love to learn and I think a great thing to start with as i,m new to making crochet but have been surrounded by it all my life.

TTFN guys. Dxo

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Quote of the day: Something to make you think.

"I myself am entirely made of flaws, stitched together with good intentions".

Quote from Augusten Burroughs- Running with Scissors

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Fashion Colorworks International beadwork compeition 2012

Hey all! happy Tuesday!

I feel so happy and chirpy with the sun finally coming out and a bit more warmth in the air and daffy's everywhere! finally feels like spring. Actually on March 25th we will be going into British Summer time and the days will be made longer with the time change yay!!!
On the 29th i will see if everything is all good with my baby and if it is a boy or a girl (i shouldn't really mind so long as baby is healthy and for sure that is the most important thing in the world.BUT asked for a preferance i,d say a girl simply because i have a pink room with fairies on it already and more girls clothes than boys so financially it makes sense to have a girl.I love shopping but i need to save them pennies for nappies and such which i,m actually already buying now!)

All this colour both in the natural world as well as a spot of redecorating in my home has made me thinkl about colours i use in my work and trying to be more adventourous with how I use colour.You know colours you don't use much if ever, or colour combo's you just think are yuck but could push you creatively.

With this in mind and having looked at one of my fav beading blogs I found out about the international colorworks comp. It's for all levels of beaders and what it does is challenge you in terms of colour.

You are given 3 set palates based on Pantones top colours for the season. Colorworks then arrange those colours in (it think) palates that you woud be like, hell no! to wear together. Believe me check out how the designers put them together ad it is way different (plus not all the top Pantone colours are included.) You can use any shade/tone of those colors to make a picec of seed bead jewellery, a beaded object (non-jewellery item, but can be a accessory or garment or a sculpture ) or a finsiehed piece of jewellery ( made up of less than 50% seed beads, it can include crystals,gemstones,fiber,wire, shells,wood .pmc,whatever as the rest of the materials). 

Go to for all the info. You have from 1ST April to 15th June to make your enteries and send pictures. You can enter 3 times for each catergory (using a different colour palette each time.) and you can collaborate. Oh did  I mention it's FREE TO ENTER!!!!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Finding your Muse: A FREE! Online Mini Class by Alisa Burke

Hi all! Just a real quick post about a beautiful free Online inspiration class that I found online. I Love! Alisa Burke's blog and while I was waiting for my partner to get ready this morning, i took a long overdue visit and found a free class she is giving as a thankyou to all her blog followers/visitors/supporters.

The theme and name of the class is Finding your muse, which is all about switiching off the internet and going outside and finding what truly inspires you, as well
as looking into your life for inspiration and ideas to create art.

In a world where everything is at our finger tips sometimes we just need to get out, breath,look,listen and refuel.Thats how the best ideas and most inspiring work comes!

So come on and join in! and rediscover what really inspires you.

Ciao for now! and have a great weekend. Dxo

Monday, 12 March 2012

HandMade Blog Feature: Kindred Dream Heart Part 1

Hand Made Blog Feature: Kindred DreamHeart "Sewing Dreams and Touching Hearts" Katrina Denise Pierce.

Today I want to share with you the inspirational story of Designer Katrina Pierce the owner and Founder of fashion label Kindred Dreamheart. She is literally a fighter, no really she was a soldier who has seen action in the Middle East and still fostered her creativity through opening a tailoring shop while on a tour of duty in Germany. I introduce to you the beautiful designs ,Philosophy and story of Kindred Dream Heart.

How did the inspiration to go from prom wear which you created whilst growing up in high school evolve years later into the label Kindred Dreamheart?

I made my first dress my sophomore year of high school shortly after I pledged to the junior sorority, Lady Diamonds.
One of the due requirements was to wear at least one dress per week.Being the only girl among four brothers, I didn't own any.Rather than take me on a shopping spree,my mother bought me a sewing machine.(An overdue gift requested in middle school long since forgotten and replaced with more material desires.)
None the less I accepted the gift and began sewing patternless on a budget,while recycling our "yard sale" labelled attic dwelling cast-aways.The other children immediately questioned the origins of my clothes mockingly.I endured this for about a month, before decided that summer I was going to do nothing but sew.Sew until my skill level rose and sew until I had a complete wardrobe for the next school year.
The next time a class mate saw my attire order requests followed.I got featured in 2002 in a city wide high school newspaper, Teen appeal,I gained so much confidence thereafter that I was determined I,d one day launch my own clothing label.

Design: Kindred Dreamheart
Model: Shaneice Birgs
Photography: Arekah Dunlap (Arekah the goddess photography)

In your website bio, it says while you set up your own little tailoring company while stationed in barracks in Germany, when you served in the army.How did that happen?

We affectionaltely called McCully barracks the "1 post straBe" there weren't many facilities and the one that was in the highest demand was the alterations shop which was NEVER open!The civilian that worked there observed all the German and American holidays.
I mentioned to a battle buddy that I could sew on his patch onto his Class A's to avoid the inconvenience of a negative counselling statement due to a uncontrollable situation. I initially worked for free but had to charge due to very high demand.
Model: Skye Cooper
Designer: Kindred Dreamheart
Photographer: Arekah Dunlap (Arekah the goddess photography)

Where did the name for your label come from?

When I started sewing back in high school my label was called K.D Hunter.I,ve since gotten married and felt obligated to change the name, yet I didn't want to use my name.
I wanted to use a name that defined me as a person.....something more symbolic.
I,ve always been ambitious with BIG goals and dreams.I wanted to be everything when I grew up.I,ve done alot so far but i,m not there yet and I,m not giving up.
Thats my defination of a "dreamheart" .Kindred means just that,akin or similar in quality or character.So my female line is dedicated to women like me..."a Kindred DreamHeart".
Maintaining my maiden initials wasn't a prerequisite during the deliberations but was a bonus in the end.

What are your Design Inspirations?

After high school I joined the U.S Army.During my first tour I was stationed in Wackernheim Germany. I was only a few hours from every other major european country of which I visited every chance I was granted a weekend pass.
I was inspired by the fashions overseas especially during the Fasching mainly because the youth there wore whatever they wanted without fear of social unacceptance. It was bold,beautiful and enlightening.From these accounts I began developing favorite styles.It wasn't until I took a fashion history course 3 years later that I began to recognise and name the styles I had witnessed.Edwardian,Victorian,Steampunk,Rockabilly,Rococo,Lolita Gothic and Cosplay.
Model: Jennifer Pearse
Fashion and Jewellery Designer: Kindred Dreamheart
Mua: Naomi Whitted
Photographer: Eric Hiltner
Come back next week for the rest of Katrina's inspiring story starting with what the process is behind her beautifully intricate creations and her plans for Kindred Dreamheart.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Guess what we have a winner for my giveaway!!!!

Yep! We have a winner after all. The story is quite funny. I was browsing through my posts to edit some of them/adding more to the upcoming handmade blog features. I then  noticed for the giveaway post which was last year December btw! that there was one comment. I couldn't believe it! I thought it had been a total bust. Plus I have no idea how I overlooked the comment in my email.
Well I found it read it and answered it as well as emailed the lady back.
The lucky winner is Jeannette "Jenay"  carriere    who herself is a very talented mixed media artist and ex mural artist. Take a look at her colourful,inspirational and warm blog

So we discussed what she would like as I really don't mind the original pendant can be sent out but remade (as at the time that I wore it to see how it hung etc.. I was a smoker and I smoked while wearing it.Don't worry i never ever smoked in my studio/home)   Or the choice of challenging me creatively and having a complete custom colourway. Well we are going the custom route as the colours Jeanette loves are blue and green and I am very much into water,mermaids,sealife at the moment and have a good stash of blue and green beads,turquoise,amazonite and blue freshwater pearls waiting to be part of something.

Please do check out Jeanette's blog and I will be interviewing this fascinating and talented artist,wife and mother very soon.

Have a great weekend everyone! Dxo

Thursday, 9 February 2012

A little dragon, a black dog and lots of aspirations : The hard reality of trying to get any work done!

Hello all! Hope your all having a lovely toasty evening! geez it has been as cold as a witches t*t over the last few days and we had a little snow as well.
I,ve been M.I.A for a few weeks now and can now reveal exactly what the heck has been happening.
Well first off many of you might not know that I,m a mummy, yep I have 3 gorgeous children two girls and a rather beautiful just entering toddler-hood baby boy. My eldest is a dragon, so this year her turning twelve and her western birth sign coming around again,plus the Olympics etc.. is really cool. Well I found out just before I said goodbye to 2011 and celebrated my younger daughter's fifth b'day that I am exepecting another little Dragon!!! I feel very blessed to be able to concieve and have little ones.
my two daughters.

So whats this about a Black Dog? well if you know anything about depression it is often referred to as "The Black Dog". Interestingly I have found that alot of the funniest people in comedy suffer from some form and many creative people,designer makers whose blogs I read also suffer from it and talk candidly occassionally about it.
I myself have suffered depression (and have finally been diagnoised with BPD Borderline Personality Disorder which symptoms can be misdiagnoised as Bi-Polar Disorder.)

The worst form of depression for me which I am getting mild symptoms of is antenatal depression.Which is Depression during pregnancy. Due to lots of family upheaveal and heavy emotional stuff plus trying to sort out funding my little biz and trying to get stock made with no money (i,m unemployed.) it's no wonder really. Of course this the makes me scared witless that i,ll end up with Postnatal depression again which led me to finally get more help and diagnoises of BPD but which has cost me friends (well maybe they weren't true friends.) 

So right about now I am trying to get more therapy and work on myself, my bizness is also my therapy.The dolls and jewellery evolved from my interests in colour,symbolisim etc.. and doing a activitity that I could do with minimal tools, was not to expensive (depending on beads and fabrics), and would keep me calm.

I have also come across the opportunity to either individually or as part of a collaboration, take over a vacant shop unit and use it to not just create and sell my work for a 3month period.But also really alter the space and create exciting activities within it to help the community the unit is in. I will keep you in the loop regardless of whether i,m successful or not on whats happening as it's a really cool concept/project.

So sorry all if i,m not here as much as I hope or you go to my etsy and it's on vacation or you go to my old main website link and it's gone ( I hope to buy the domain name). Trying to stretch a little money a long way is very hard at the best of times and even harder when trying to change your life for the better.And make lots of pretty beaded gorgeousness! while battling all day sickness.

On the bright side though i,m not giving up! I will continue to do the things i,ve put in place to protect my growing unborn (currently 14weeks into his or her growth), asprin to thin my blood and prevent bloodclots in the placenta which killed my third daughter at 6months of pregnancy.This baby is actually number 5! try to be positive and use up stuff I have at home to finish off the works in progress that I am sure you all will love once complete!

So thankyou for listening to my rant ! Being human means trying to pick yourself up when you feel like you've failed  or simply not being the person you wished you was going to be at this point in time. Just gotta keep on trucking!

Edited Sunday 12th feb.

RIP Whitney Houston, amazing talent,success, the world your oyster and all destroyed by pills, the demon white powder and weed. Be in peace now, hopefully true friends will pick up the pieces of your family's broken hearts. Whitney is survived by her Mother,godmother and her only child.No parent wants to outlive their child, no family member should find out the death of a loved one through the tv and no child should be motherless for no real reason.


Monday, 2 January 2012

Use a Sewing Machine - wikiHow

Use a Sewing Machine - wikiHow

One of my crafty NewYear Resolutions, is learn how to use my sewing machine!It was bought at least 2years ago and has only recently been taken out of the box and stared at.I then realised the little basic knowledge I gained when I was at Goldsmiths University had vanished along with the sewing Machine Manual.So if you need a helping hand re jigginf your memory heres a wiki article with pictures and links to other topics such as Threading your sewing machine,winding/threading a bobbin.
Also if you happen to lose your sewing machine manual check out and go to the bit about sewing machine accessories/parts.