Tuesday, 3 July 2012

It's been awhile and hectic..

Hey all! Oh my goodness. My poor,poor blog I have not forsaken you!
The last month has been very busy, with me doing and finishing my Childcare Level 1 course.
I,m now in the final days of my teaching course. The assignments are stacking up! plus I have to plan , design and deliver a 30min class in my specialist subject to my peers. You would not believe the paper work that this entails for planing the session, then feedback and assessment forms..whoo!
Oh and to top it all off even though we "finish" on the 12th of july we actually have till the end of the month to complete two huge assignments which are a putting together of concepts and ideas from all our other assignments but in relation to a new set of questions.And we have to add more thoughts etc.. to it  and quotes from different books,websites to back up our arguments.

I feel tired just writing that.


Lets not forget that my unborn son is due on 12th of August. I feel a bit like a hippo and keep on getting some serious braxton hicks, so serious I had to wait and see if I actually was in labour or not.
Also this boy can kick! jeez! My tummy is moving alot and shuddering,twitching,bouncing. My partner gets kicked in the back every night ( i love to snuggle my bump into his very curved back to keep it warm). but doesn't mind as he loves knowing that our boy is moving,growing and getting stronger each day.
My last scan is also this month at 36weeks and 4days on the 19th of july by which time i,ll have my hospital bag packed. ( and stock to finish for that week saturday, plus those two huge assignments to start on and complete as fast as possiable.)


I know i'm off my rocker doing all this while growing a new life (particularly near the end of my pregnancy) but hey, it made sense to get a couple of courses done in order to furthur my employment prospects and I have to get my biz off the ground once and for all.
You think all thats mad, I'm applying to do childcare level 2 in September when my little man will only be a about 5-6 weeks old.Thank goodness I have a supportive loving partner who will be taking care of our boy.

I am also working hard on making stock for a craft fair I have coming up on tthe 21st of July in Islington London. I,ll do a little postie about the event and the organisers soon.

Ok y'all thats it, I just wanted you all to know why there has been nothing for a while.
I should have some photo's on here by next Monday as I have to create my classroom website for my micro-teach which will be developed furthur with embroidery technique video's, bead embroidery ideas, projects and more.

See you soon, now i'm off to do more research, 3 assignments due this Thursday and fill out paper work and get my pregnancy meds from the pharmacy.