Saturday, 25 February 2012

Guess what we have a winner for my giveaway!!!!

Yep! We have a winner after all. The story is quite funny. I was browsing through my posts to edit some of them/adding more to the upcoming handmade blog features. I then  noticed for the giveaway post which was last year December btw! that there was one comment. I couldn't believe it! I thought it had been a total bust. Plus I have no idea how I overlooked the comment in my email.
Well I found it read it and answered it as well as emailed the lady back.
The lucky winner is Jeannette "Jenay"  carriere    who herself is a very talented mixed media artist and ex mural artist. Take a look at her colourful,inspirational and warm blog

So we discussed what she would like as I really don't mind the original pendant can be sent out but remade (as at the time that I wore it to see how it hung etc.. I was a smoker and I smoked while wearing it.Don't worry i never ever smoked in my studio/home)   Or the choice of challenging me creatively and having a complete custom colourway. Well we are going the custom route as the colours Jeanette loves are blue and green and I am very much into water,mermaids,sealife at the moment and have a good stash of blue and green beads,turquoise,amazonite and blue freshwater pearls waiting to be part of something.

Please do check out Jeanette's blog and I will be interviewing this fascinating and talented artist,wife and mother very soon.

Have a great weekend everyone! Dxo

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