Tuesday, 1 May 2012

What to do for my birthday?

Hello Everyone! Happy Tuesday to you. I,m going to be 31 on sunday and have no clue what to do to celebrate. Although to be far the last few days I,ve had and some very saddening news I had yersterday makes me not very much in the party mood,but I think I should do something nice to at least not let the day slip by.

Any ideas would be great, especially if they are cheap,creative and involve lots of laughter! Oh and yummy non-alcholic drinks for me to sip ,yes i,m european and we have the doc's saying that two small glasses of wine if ok per week but i really do not like the idea of my baby being sozzled.Plus have you seen a toddler that goes and takes a cheeky sneaky sip (or three) of weak cider and the effects? I have, it's funny but a bit disturbing to.The kid turns into a monster and starts growling at everything,is hyper and then just conks out fast asleep and is fine the next day Thank goodness.
The child had kept on going off and coming back looking rather pleased with themselves and then looked a bit unsteady.The adult went to get their drink and realised some was missing,looked at child and realised that the glass should have been hidden more carefully where kid could not get it and take little nips of the stuff.

Anyhoo any ideas would be great, otherwise it's a chickflick dvd,popcorn and some chocolate ( a normal weekday night at the moment, plus antacids on account of the heartburn caused by little man's movements.)


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  1. Happy Birthday to you Danielle.How about doing something you have always wanted to do but never had time..