Friday, 4 October 2013

A wordy post: Idea overload and tantrums

Hi all, today I was spending a lot of time with my notebook and pen writing down all my ideas.
Here's the thing.

  1. Lots of ideas for new jewellery designs but do not have all the beads in relevant colour palettes.
  2. Lots of beautiful ideas for scarves but am scared of my sewing machine so will be doing lots of hand sewing or will get some help once a week and go at a snail pace sewing them up.
  3. My little man (son) and family commitments mean I have only a few hours in the morning and then at night. There feels like there is not enough time in the day.Plus it is no fun trying to work when your child is banging on the door to be let in!
I have so many ideas for plushies. Given that christmas is coming up very fast and I would like to finish off the art dolls I was working on a year ago with a slight change of adding wings so they become guardian angels to be hung in the home. Of course once I have a theme stuck in my head I get loads more ideas, such as angels with pockets on their dresses to add in some sort of memento jewellery or something. (side note: why the heck is google chrome red underlining the word plushies? and christmas!!!! those are not spelling mistakes you stupid spell check thingy! arrrgh!)

I have bought so many gemstone strands that my partner and younger brother are thinking i am starting up my own pirates treasure chest or something.
I have sapphires and emeralds in there, gorgeous chunky labadorite,rose quartz,pearls.
Yeah I said sapphires and emeralds.
Do yourselves a favor and go to you will not regret it. Sapphire from £30.00, emerald from £80.00 (mine was under £10.00 as it has a deeper hue,less clarity and is not facetted,just chunky polished pieces of gorgeousness!). If you are in the USA you can buy from them on a Tuesday when they have a 2-3hour program on Tuesdays on ROCKSTV. On their website their is a image slider of deals etc.. and that comes up with the times and a link to click.

I have also bought polymerclay,shrink plastic,thee mini macrame board and leather,suede,wax cords (need some sophisticated satin next.) a gizmo tool,copper and bronze clay kit with torch to make my own metal clay charms and pendents for macrame,charm bracelets etc..

But one thing is halting progress...The Room of Doom!!

This room is my spare bedroom and it is a tip.Started clearing today so I now where everything is.Especially as I have not located my antique bronze toggle clasps. I have bolt ring clasps but I am using the toggles for my more intricate designs.

So yep the to do list is long and I am trying to get through it but boy I just hope to get stock up on Etsy and Folksy at least by the end of the month.So it looks liek I,m missing halloween and Day of the Dead(Nov 1st and 2nd).

Whats your views? do you have a room of doom or loads of ideas and not enough hours in the day to do them?
Take care till next time when I have hopefully got some purdy pictures to show you of what I have been up to.
Peace and love. Dxo