Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Fashion Colorworks International beadwork compeition 2012

Hey all! happy Tuesday!

I feel so happy and chirpy with the sun finally coming out and a bit more warmth in the air and daffy's everywhere! finally feels like spring. Actually on March 25th we will be going into British Summer time and the days will be made longer with the time change yay!!!
On the 29th i will see if everything is all good with my baby and if it is a boy or a girl (i shouldn't really mind so long as baby is healthy and for sure that is the most important thing in the world.BUT asked for a preferance i,d say a girl simply because i have a pink room with fairies on it already and more girls clothes than boys so financially it makes sense to have a girl.I love shopping but i need to save them pennies for nappies and such which i,m actually already buying now!)

All this colour both in the natural world as well as a spot of redecorating in my home has made me thinkl about colours i use in my work and trying to be more adventourous with how I use colour.You know colours you don't use much if ever, or colour combo's you just think are yuck but could push you creatively.

With this in mind and having looked at one of my fav beading blogs mamma-foxan.blogspot.com I found out about the international colorworks comp. It's for all levels of beaders and what it does is challenge you in terms of colour.

You are given 3 set palates based on Pantones top colours for the season. Colorworks then arrange those colours in (it think) palates that you woud be like, hell no! to wear together. Believe me check out how the designers put them together ad it is way different (plus not all the top Pantone colours are included.) You can use any shade/tone of those colors to make a picec of seed bead jewellery, a beaded object (non-jewellery item, but can be a accessory or garment or a sculpture ) or a finsiehed piece of jewellery ( made up of less than 50% seed beads, it can include crystals,gemstones,fiber,wire, shells,wood .pmc,whatever as the rest of the materials). 

Go to www.mylovelybeads.com/contest/2012/rules.php for all the info. You have from 1ST April to 15th June to make your enteries and send pictures. You can enter 3 times for each catergory (using a different colour palette each time.) and you can collaborate. Oh did  I mention it's FREE TO ENTER!!!!

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