About House of SpiritFlower

House of SpiritFlower is the brainchild of  creative Danielle Scott. The label brings together all her interests in creating Original Art in a variety of media from Art dolls,banners,paintings as well as jewellery making,Textile and Fashion design.

Danielle also has a long interest in colour symbolisim and animal symbolisim as well as in the meanings and mythology around gemstones.

House of SpiritFlower is a label influenced by Danielle's love of natural forms as well as ancient mythology and world cultures.She uses these influences to create jewellery and art using textiles,bead embroidery techniques and handpainting on canvas,fabrics as well as the use of found objects such as keys,old and broken jewellery,secound hand clothing and vintage and antique beads,threads and trimmings.

Here on the blog you will be treated to a "Behind the Seams" warts and all documentation of her journey to create,start and run her new venture which she hopes wil inspire others on their own creative journeys.