Monday, 2 April 2012

Baby update.

Hey all! and happy Monday to you all! well I got some news. I had my 20week scan last Thursday and my partner and I found out we are expecting another little boy!
It was rather funny because I spotted some of the telling equipment,but wasn't sure until the sonographer froze the image and yep a little dinky. So we are going into baby equipment overdrive as some stuff broke or got given away after our nearly 2year old so was born.So this is number 4 and yep i,m already thinking another babe wil have to made down the line as we were really expecting a girl! but you know what I fell in love of course as soon as I saw the scan again. I have to go for lots of scans (yay more seeing the baby!) but on a serious note it's to check all aspects of babe's growth as to make sure all is well and i,m not developing any placenta blood clots.This is what killed my 2nd daughter at 26weeks and 3days of pregnancy,  my first child with my partner. (that means this baby is actually number 5 for me.).

Anyways all I do is just go from scan to scan and give thanks everytme everything is allright.Little man is kicking around right now,making himself comfy vefore he catches his 40winks.

Oh great gotta go 3mins left, my next post will be about Freeform Crochet, something I would really love to learn and I think a great thing to start with as i,m new to making crochet but have been surrounded by it all my life.

TTFN guys. Dxo


  1. I am so sorry for you about the baby you lost, RIP Baby. I believe that where their is life there is hope and I can hear from your post your are staying positive and loving this new baby and being pregnant enough to carry on to maybe another. My wife unfortunately wouldn't try again after she lost our third child. I just don't know what to say to help her feel like it's ok to try again. But I guess i must be patient and help her work through things and help her feel normal again first. Good luck to you and the family.

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    1. Hi Frank, thankyou so much for stopping by and reading my blog.Your heartfelt comment really touched me. The loss of a baby is so hard,but from your words I know you and your wife will get through.Just allow yourselves to grieve for as long as you need.Spend time together, and don't let anyone make either of you feel guilty for grieveing.
      Definately see a breavement counsellor, I found that helped so much.
      The beautiful thing was when I had my next baby girl she saw my name on the ward white board and remembered me and was so thrilled to see me holding my new baby.
      You never know when you'll be ready again and God could gift you a baby when you least expect it.
      Thats what hurt so much, I didn't know I was pregnant for 3months. Then we were elated and only had her for a furthur 3months.
      Good luck and just keep loving your wife and yourself, you sound like a beautiful couple and will be ok. Good luck and Thankyou for the Men Scan link I hope it will help save lives.


  2. Congratulations on the baby boy Danielle.We were thinking that baby number four was a girl and then "he" arrived.It was a wonderful surprise.We scrambled around to get clothes because we had bought only girly stuff.

    I lost my first child in the 3rd month and I still wonder what the sex was and I lost a little boy who was a twin to my 3rd daughter.So I sometimes think God gave him back to me in Logan my 4th child.

    1. Hey Jeannette, It's so crazy that only when we talk about these breavements do we then find out how many people have suffered the same.

      How you feel about Logan (thats such a beautiful strong name, we've chosen Cody as this one's name.) I feel the same way a bit about Rayne.
      It was so funny it wasn't until we was in the scanning room that we thought the baby could be a boy, so i,m so glad we didn't buy more baby girl clothes.
      I,ve said to my partner we now have a valid reason to have another baby after this one.