Friday, 13 April 2012

Handmade Blog Feature: Kindred Dream Heart Part 2

Happy Easter or Spring break to everyone! Today i,m going to Post the 2nd part of Katrina's inspiring story and on Monday will be the turn of Robin Rizzart and her religious mixed media art. which I thought was very appropriate for Easter. (edit: yep it's now after Easter Sun/Mon  a trip to A&E to get my finger stitched up due to a massive gash/hole that just missed the tendon put paid to my blogging plans)

Without further ado, here's Katrina's Story Part2 (haha that rhymed!).

What's the process behind your intricate creations?
I always start with the fabric.I can sketch all day,but the fabric speaks to me. I may sketch one thing,get the fabric,then create something totally different. I normally sketch when I,m stuck on a concept or unsure about where to put a notion.
I prefer using the draping technique as opposed to the drafted pattern on muslin, so I rarely duplicate my designs.

White Leopard Faux Suede with Magenta Satin 2 tier hooded capelet available at

What materials do you use in your fashions?
I,ve sewn with all types of fabrics , from upholstery to silk. My favourites are Sateen,Brocade,Faux fur and Wool. When it comes to print, I like whimsical designs.I have an uncanny ability to pick overlooked materials and try to make them appealing.
If it's a shade of purple,that's always a plus.
What's next for Kindred Dream heart?
Selling on Etsy is a big step for me and heartbreaking.It's always hard for me to part with my creations.My husband told me one day that if I just wanted to sew, just to frame my work, he would be supportive.
So the next avenue for Kindred Dream heart will be Menswear.

Who are your favourite etsians and why?
I,m still very new to Etsy, however there are so many wonderful etsians from the Etsy forums: and so many are note worthy.The first etsian I ever met who introduced me to the community and the Etsy website was Danielle Pierce HTTP ://
She's my sister -in-law. I,ve bought from her shop in the past and her collections are great.
She's also helped me on numerous occasions  outside of Etsy in a collaboration fashion show,sewing tips,and overall encouragement and support.

Who are your design hero's?
There are so many designers I want to mention; however my design hero's would be Coleen Atwood and Tony Bowls.
Atwood is Amazing with a capital A; especially the costumes she created via collaboration with Tim Burton.
Bowls is a master of layers and I love how his designs still look formal and elegant in spite of the complex and elaborate construction.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of setting up/running your own label?
The most rewarding aspect of setting up/running my own label has been a new learning experience.I enjoy learning new things and gaining new experiences.
My childhood dream of being "everything" has not died out.

What has been the hardest aspect of setting up/running your own label?
The hardest part of settingup/runnig my own label has been trying to devote more time.Sometimes I wish the world still operated on a barter system.Perhaps then I could achieve my full potential as an artist without the 9 to 5 distraction.

What tips would you give other aspiring designers?
I would say " Stay Postitive" I've made long term friends in the industry and many doors have opened all because of a positive attitude.

Where else can we find you on the web?

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  1. Nice conclusion to the article. Katerina is a common typo error to Katrina. Other than that, looks good. Thanks for the interview.