Saturday, 24 March 2012

Quote of the day: Something to make you think.

"I myself am entirely made of flaws, stitched together with good intentions".

Quote from Augusten Burroughs- Running with Scissors

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Fashion Colorworks International beadwork compeition 2012

Hey all! happy Tuesday!

I feel so happy and chirpy with the sun finally coming out and a bit more warmth in the air and daffy's everywhere! finally feels like spring. Actually on March 25th we will be going into British Summer time and the days will be made longer with the time change yay!!!
On the 29th i will see if everything is all good with my baby and if it is a boy or a girl (i shouldn't really mind so long as baby is healthy and for sure that is the most important thing in the world.BUT asked for a preferance i,d say a girl simply because i have a pink room with fairies on it already and more girls clothes than boys so financially it makes sense to have a girl.I love shopping but i need to save them pennies for nappies and such which i,m actually already buying now!)

All this colour both in the natural world as well as a spot of redecorating in my home has made me thinkl about colours i use in my work and trying to be more adventourous with how I use colour.You know colours you don't use much if ever, or colour combo's you just think are yuck but could push you creatively.

With this in mind and having looked at one of my fav beading blogs I found out about the international colorworks comp. It's for all levels of beaders and what it does is challenge you in terms of colour.

You are given 3 set palates based on Pantones top colours for the season. Colorworks then arrange those colours in (it think) palates that you woud be like, hell no! to wear together. Believe me check out how the designers put them together ad it is way different (plus not all the top Pantone colours are included.) You can use any shade/tone of those colors to make a picec of seed bead jewellery, a beaded object (non-jewellery item, but can be a accessory or garment or a sculpture ) or a finsiehed piece of jewellery ( made up of less than 50% seed beads, it can include crystals,gemstones,fiber,wire, shells,wood .pmc,whatever as the rest of the materials). 

Go to for all the info. You have from 1ST April to 15th June to make your enteries and send pictures. You can enter 3 times for each catergory (using a different colour palette each time.) and you can collaborate. Oh did  I mention it's FREE TO ENTER!!!!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Finding your Muse: A FREE! Online Mini Class by Alisa Burke

Hi all! Just a real quick post about a beautiful free Online inspiration class that I found online. I Love! Alisa Burke's blog and while I was waiting for my partner to get ready this morning, i took a long overdue visit and found a free class she is giving as a thankyou to all her blog followers/visitors/supporters.

The theme and name of the class is Finding your muse, which is all about switiching off the internet and going outside and finding what truly inspires you, as well
as looking into your life for inspiration and ideas to create art.

In a world where everything is at our finger tips sometimes we just need to get out, breath,look,listen and refuel.Thats how the best ideas and most inspiring work comes!

So come on and join in! and rediscover what really inspires you.

Ciao for now! and have a great weekend. Dxo

Monday, 12 March 2012

HandMade Blog Feature: Kindred Dream Heart Part 1

Hand Made Blog Feature: Kindred DreamHeart "Sewing Dreams and Touching Hearts" Katrina Denise Pierce.

Today I want to share with you the inspirational story of Designer Katrina Pierce the owner and Founder of fashion label Kindred Dreamheart. She is literally a fighter, no really she was a soldier who has seen action in the Middle East and still fostered her creativity through opening a tailoring shop while on a tour of duty in Germany. I introduce to you the beautiful designs ,Philosophy and story of Kindred Dream Heart.

How did the inspiration to go from prom wear which you created whilst growing up in high school evolve years later into the label Kindred Dreamheart?

I made my first dress my sophomore year of high school shortly after I pledged to the junior sorority, Lady Diamonds.
One of the due requirements was to wear at least one dress per week.Being the only girl among four brothers, I didn't own any.Rather than take me on a shopping spree,my mother bought me a sewing machine.(An overdue gift requested in middle school long since forgotten and replaced with more material desires.)
None the less I accepted the gift and began sewing patternless on a budget,while recycling our "yard sale" labelled attic dwelling cast-aways.The other children immediately questioned the origins of my clothes mockingly.I endured this for about a month, before decided that summer I was going to do nothing but sew.Sew until my skill level rose and sew until I had a complete wardrobe for the next school year.
The next time a class mate saw my attire order requests followed.I got featured in 2002 in a city wide high school newspaper, Teen appeal,I gained so much confidence thereafter that I was determined I,d one day launch my own clothing label.

Design: Kindred Dreamheart
Model: Shaneice Birgs
Photography: Arekah Dunlap (Arekah the goddess photography)

In your website bio, it says while you set up your own little tailoring company while stationed in barracks in Germany, when you served in the army.How did that happen?

We affectionaltely called McCully barracks the "1 post straBe" there weren't many facilities and the one that was in the highest demand was the alterations shop which was NEVER open!The civilian that worked there observed all the German and American holidays.
I mentioned to a battle buddy that I could sew on his patch onto his Class A's to avoid the inconvenience of a negative counselling statement due to a uncontrollable situation. I initially worked for free but had to charge due to very high demand.
Model: Skye Cooper
Designer: Kindred Dreamheart
Photographer: Arekah Dunlap (Arekah the goddess photography)

Where did the name for your label come from?

When I started sewing back in high school my label was called K.D Hunter.I,ve since gotten married and felt obligated to change the name, yet I didn't want to use my name.
I wanted to use a name that defined me as a person.....something more symbolic.
I,ve always been ambitious with BIG goals and dreams.I wanted to be everything when I grew up.I,ve done alot so far but i,m not there yet and I,m not giving up.
Thats my defination of a "dreamheart" .Kindred means just that,akin or similar in quality or character.So my female line is dedicated to women like me..."a Kindred DreamHeart".
Maintaining my maiden initials wasn't a prerequisite during the deliberations but was a bonus in the end.

What are your Design Inspirations?

After high school I joined the U.S Army.During my first tour I was stationed in Wackernheim Germany. I was only a few hours from every other major european country of which I visited every chance I was granted a weekend pass.
I was inspired by the fashions overseas especially during the Fasching mainly because the youth there wore whatever they wanted without fear of social unacceptance. It was bold,beautiful and enlightening.From these accounts I began developing favorite styles.It wasn't until I took a fashion history course 3 years later that I began to recognise and name the styles I had witnessed.Edwardian,Victorian,Steampunk,Rockabilly,Rococo,Lolita Gothic and Cosplay.
Model: Jennifer Pearse
Fashion and Jewellery Designer: Kindred Dreamheart
Mua: Naomi Whitted
Photographer: Eric Hiltner
Come back next week for the rest of Katrina's inspiring story starting with what the process is behind her beautifully intricate creations and her plans for Kindred Dreamheart.