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Handmade Blog Feature: Rizzart by Robin Rizzi

Robin Rizzi is a artist who transforms and makes objects and jewllery using papers,paint,imagery and lots of artistic flair. She mixes her media the way a painter mixes colour.Layering material over material,colour on colour,idea and intention till a piece is finished and realised.
Welcome to the Mixed Media Art of Robin Rizzi

What inspired you to become a mixed- media artist and create a handmade business from it?
I have been crafting and making art for years.Starting with Sewing knitting and crochet.
I,ve always been intrigued by different media but my interest really blossomed when I started working at Micheals 7 years ago. (for those who don't know of it Micheals is a one stop shop for art and craft supplies in the usa.) Just being exposed to all the paper,ribbon,beads,yarn and paints- I found more than enough inspiration.But where to start? Somehow I stumbled upon mixed - media and began to read books and magazines that featured mixed-media work.

I began by making my own altered clothing and eventually jewellery,collage and assemblage.

Decoupaged Bird Houses Materials include decorative papers
fabric flowers, bronze rooster,swarovski crystal hotfix. These are available in Robin's shop

You use mainly paper and the technique of decoupage in your work.How did that come about?
I love paper,whether it's beautifully patterned scrapbook paper, vintage ephemara like books,magazines and sheet music or handmade paper.
I knew i'd never have the organisational skills to be a scrapbooker,(all my photo's are in one big suitcase) but I had to find a way to use those beautiful papers.
I love decoupage in almost a tactile way , I love the way the paper smooths out and becomes a part of the surface it's adhered to, transforming it.

Decoupaged and embellished Coat Hangers. Materials include Papers, Paper motifs, yarn and silk ribbons and brass charm. currently available in her shop.
I adore your Cross Series,what was the inspiration behind it?
Although I,m a Catholic, I,m probably not a very good one! I am not very good at following rules,but I do find solace and inspiration in the traditions and images of the faith. 
I find the form very of the Cross very reassuring and to me crosses express the basic goodness of the human and the divine.
I like to think that one does not necessarily have to be Catholic or even Christian to appreciate their message.
We all have spirtuality within us , the cross is only one way to embody it.
To me crosses are more spiritual than faith based in in any specific sense.

Decoupaged wooden crosses.Materals include papers, silk ribbons,swarovski crystal hotfix,decoupaged words "Believe" "Hope" "Love" and acrylic paint. Crosses are currently available in Robins etsy shop
You use alot of positive words as part of your artwork such as "Dream" and "Divine". How did the use of words enter your artwork and for that matter your jewellery such as your decoupage dictionary necklaces and initial necklaces?
I am a formaer academic and I love books and words.I am intrigued by the power just one single word can have. I hope that those who view my work or wear my jewellery draw their own personal meanings  from these words.

Remember Pendent materials include Vinatge Dictionary page, stamped word, Swarovski crystal rose siam bicone, wing brass charm,chain and brass eyelets.
I see that you use the beautiful swarovski crystals in your work as well as glitter to add sparkle.How did having shiny,sparkly elements in your work come about and why?
I have always been attracted to glittery things! much of my work has a vintage feel ,but although I love the aged patina of old things,I also love bold colours and sparkle.
By combining the two, I feel i am bringing new life into old things - objects and things that may have once sparkled when new, may still have a glitzy spirit left in them. As an artist I try to coax that glimmer back to the surface.

Geometric Pendents Decoupaged Jewellery. Materials include decorative papers, Swarovski crystal hofix and bicone beads, gears and chain. Pieces ae avaialble in Robin's shop in a variety of beautiful colours.
What has been the most fulfilling aspect of creating a handmade business?
Finally doing something I always wanted to do (even though I wasn't always aware of it) and realsing that at 50 I can actually learn new things and conquer them.

What has been the hardest aspect of creating a handmade business?
Before I opened my handmade shop, I could barely open my email.Learning how to navigate the internet,learning SEO,photography,all the technical aspects of putting my work out there was a major challenge.Thank God for teenage daughter's!

Who are you favorite Esians and why?
Oh gosh there are so many wonderful people on Etsy, so many people that have helped me and so many who's work I admire. I couldn't name some without omitting many others!

Where can we find your work on the web?

Thankyou Robin for sharing your gorgeous work with us.

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