Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year Everyone!

Happy New Year everybody! Over here in the UK it's a good piece after midnight and officially 1st January 2012 despite the date/time display on blogger.
My New Years Blogging Resolutions:
  • Post at least once a week.
  • Catch up on posting the handmade blog features I have piling up.
  • Get photographing!  Sharing pieces in progress.
  • Sort out a proper nice new look for my blog(s)
  • Update the shop on this blog with one off special pieces or workshops available here only (not even my etsy shop or website will have it just yet.)
Create beacause Art Heals,even when I feel down or think I have no ideas.

This is the core of Spiritflower and how it came to be.As a way to help others heal using creativity,a way to remake/remodell their enviroment and gain confidence in themselves as well as adorn themselves in objects,textures,colours that helped with creating a postive self image and enhancing an individuals beauty and unqiueness.
Whats your New Year Resolution?What do you resolve with all your heart to do?

Monday, 12 December 2011

Good exposure and a big fat flop.

Evening all, it's been a little while since my last post. I,ve been creating some more pendants for my upcoming stall at The Old Spitalfields Jewellery Market on Tuesday December 20th from 9am - 5pm. If your in East London come to my stall and have a butchers and a nice rosie lee (in cockney rhyming slang, "butchers hook" means "Look" and "rosie lee" means "tea".)

You may have noticed a bit of change with the blog, a nice new font called "Pacifico" which is one of the webfonts that blogger offers for use in the design-advanced section. Decided to change it up to blend better with my in the works website. More about that when it's furthur along.

So whats the Good Exposure and Big Fat Flop, i,m referring to in the title for this post?
Well last post i did a giveaway. I managed to tweet about it and post about it on my facebook fanpage as well, but the thing i without a) big following (b) a softer poll/sell approach and (c) a facebook fan page badge how was anyone really going to know about it?
So i,ll do giveaways once i have some more of the above in place.

The good exposure..... I have a double page spread interview about both House of  SpiritFlower and House of ShadowFlower in Alt Fashion Magazine!!!!!! plus three articles I wrote on other  etsians and a fantastic burlesque performer Gem de la Creme. Go to to buy a copy (black and white and colour pictures) or a digital full colour version.

alt fashion magazine issue 20

Coming later this week part 1 of my feature on the lovely label Kindred DreamHeart.