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Handmade Blog Feature: Mystic Silks

I love silk scarves.You can wrap them round your head,your neck,thread them through your jeans or just tie them round your waist.Some are so beautiful and artistic you could frame them and hang them as artworks. Our next Artisan falls very much into that catergory.
Klaire from Mystik Silks.  Her work stood out beacuse of it's artistry,colour palette and labour intensive love and creation that goes into each scarf.On her blog she chronicles their making and details the often poignant stories behind them as with her Head Candy Series.

Without furthur ado, I introduce to you the inspirational artistry of Mystic Silks.

Hi Klaire and welcome to your blog feature.Firstly how did Mystic Silks come about and where did the name come from?

I was taking watercolour classes at a local college.My art instructor suggested I look into taking 'silk art' classes as a why to help me combat my anxiety that stemmed from a need to be in control.She stated that working with silk and dyes no one can determine what will show up and where the paints will flow.Especially in the steaming process.
As an example take a look at "Fairies in our garden"  If you zoom in and look closely closely between the rose bush and the fairy stump,you'll see images of people sitting on the ground.I call them Adam and Eve.The steaming process and the angels brought that into focus and because of these happenings I called my business Mystic Silks.

Can you tell me more about the simple and beautiful story behind your Head Candy Series and the special addition you made to the scarves and why?
Harry Potter Magic from Head Candy Series

My Way from Head Candy Series

Mysteries from Head Candy Series

The inspiration for the "Head Candy Series" came from my doc's gal-friday Susan.She wanted to know if I created head scarves that could be worn by patients who had suffered hair loss as a result of the affects of chemotheraphy? I thought what a wonderful inspiration!
So I ordered 10 blank silk scarves and began the long process of creating the series that I call "Head Candy".After dyeing,steaming,washing,rinsing excess dye, I had a inspiring thought while ironing them.
I have a small vile of 'Holy Water' from Lourdes in France.It was almost 20years ago that a friend brought it back for me and it had about 10 drops in the vile originally.
There was still the same amount 20years later! (editors note: after all that time some of the precious contents should have evaporated.) enough for each scarf. So I added a drop of 'Holy Water' to each scarf as I ironed them.It is my intention that the blessings from the holy water touch each person who wears the Head Candy scarves in some way.

On a side note another strange happening while making the Head Candy series.I decided to name one of the scarves "Harry Potter" and had 50 photos i had taken on my computor.When I looked back up at the screen I was aghast.All 50 images had been renamed "Harry Potter" so I had to go back and retype all the original names back in and hoped Harry Potter would cease with the funny stuff!

What inspired "The Wild Ones" and "Summer" series of scarves?
The Wild ones series was again an inspiration.Several years ago I had bought some long silk scarf blanks several months ago but was not sure what I should design.Like a bolt out of the blue something said to me "Do a series on animals that are going extinct if man does not stop destroying them". The Whale,Lion (all wild jungle big cats),Elephants,the entire eco-system of the Amazon jungle, I used the cute and tiny tree frog as a symbol representing that.
Then the Hummingbird was just my fun one.God forbid they start to decline!

The "Summer" series celebrates summer.
Amazon Tree Frog from Wild Ones Series

Lion King of Beasts from Wild Ones series

Your also an accompolished painter of silk and canvas.How did creating original works of art on silk and canvas (acrylic and watercolour paintings) come about?
Full Moon Original Arcylic Painting

Trees FullMoom original arcylic painting
The leap from painting with oils,acrylics on canvas then onto silks and dyes was just a natural evolution into different dimensions of Art.
Does your paintings feed into the scarves and the scarves the paintings?Especialy as many silk painters say that watercolor painting reminds them of silk painting and dyeing because of the translucence of the paint.

Fickle Winds Original Silk Art Pinting

Mountains Majesty Original Silk Art Painting
No not for me.The colours after being steamed are so alive and vibrant!
Your informative and inspirational blog details the process of your creations and features poetry by you and other authours.What inspires you to create and what is the process for making the scarves?

Some of the poetry that I love seems to fit with some of the scarves I,ve created.I can't say I,ve created a scarf because of a particular piece of poetry.
I have to say the 'mystical muses' is what inspire me no matter how I choose to create,whether it's silk scarves,oils,acrylics,poetry or short stories I have written.The reason I attribute the 'muses' is because when they are on vacation I haven't one idea or feel the least bit inspired.
This creative process cannot be forced! If it is whatever you do will turn out lousy because it doesn't come from deep down inside your hearts core. I think thats where all the muses reside.
For the process I how I create the scarves if anyone is interested, have a look on my blog or etsy profile. In short it is a labour of love.

Have you ever lost your muse and if so how do you/did you get it back?
Go out and have fun,Read a good book, the muses will return!
Whats next for Mystic Silks?
I have no idea what is next for "Mystik Silks" as I live in the present moment., the 'Now' of life.
Johnathan L Seagull silk painted art cushion/pillow
Everything happens as it should in a timely manner.I trust in this!
Whats been the hardest aspect of creating your business?
Keeping up with learning all the SEO changes and what pleases the online god.Google.

Whats been the most rewarding part of creating yor business?
When a customer contacts me to tell me how much they love their order or if it's been given as a gift how happy and pleased they were.It's like a flower drinking in cool life giving waters.
Who are your favorite etsians and why?
Favorite folks on Etsy are my team members from Design Style Guide:. and Togo from the Etsy forums she is so helpful when it comes to explaining technical changes on etsy.
Also who was my first customer on etsy.

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Handmade Blog Feature: Astella19

Hello all! i,m back with another handmade blog feature.This time on mixed media jeweller Aysha Hollins from Houston Texas of Astella19 a young lady who makes bold colorful handpainted and thread jewellery. She is a lady of few words and prefers her work to do the talking which is way this blog feature is quite short. So here we go, introducing jeweller Astella19.

Hi Astella and welcome to your Blog Feature.Firstly what inspired you to express your creativity through jewellery making?
I first started making jewellery for myself.As the things I felt would fit my style I couldn't find in stores.

You use a wide variety of materials in your jewellery,wood,string,thread.What inspired such a diverse use of materials?
My attention span would be the real cause of why I jump from material to material lol!
I usually get an idea and just run with it.
Thats why I haven't exactly stuck with one material.
Beautiful Black Woman Handpainted Earrings with Flowers on Reverse Copyright Astella19

Lady Gaga Earrings Handpainted by Astella19

I really love your handpainted earrings,especially the Mod Zebra Earrings.What was the process behind them?
Those earrings were actually supposed to be all zebra when I started.Once I actually started painting i thought i,d try some colour blocking and just went with it and the earrings came out better than expected.
Retro Mod Zebra Earrings copyright Astella19

Retro Mod Heart Earrings Copyright Astella19

Zebra Mix Earrings Copyright Astella19

The Rose Printed thread earrings are so intricate,yet simple looking.What was the process behind them?
The technique for those came from a friend who also does arts and crafts and from there the Dreamcatcher earrings were created as well.
Rose Print Thread Earrings by Astella19

Whats next for ?
I plan to create some necklaces and bracelets in the future.

Who are your favorite etsians and why?
As i,m quite new I haven't got any favorites yet!

Find Astella's beautiful bold afrocentric jewellery at
Follow her on Twitter @AFR0CENTRIC
Find her on facebook

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Handmade Blog Feature: Rae and Co

Hi all! massive apology for the posting delay! I,ve been researching,posting etsy threads in the forums regarding various business issues i,m trying to get straight in my mind,plus the unthinkable happened..... I didn,t want to blog! So i,m going to do a few handmade features over this week then go to a every friday so Handmade Blog Features will be on Fridays only from August!

Handmade Blog Feature Rae and Co.

 Today i,m introducing you to creative lady Rae and Co who creates elegant silver with gold accent and tonal semi precious stones.

Handmade Blog Feature: RaeandCo

Hello Rae and welcome to your blog feature! Firstly what inspired you to become a jewellery designer/maker?

That is a really difficult question for me as I haven't ever thought of myself as a designer or artist,maybe because there isn,t any artist or designer types in my family.
But with that said I have always enjoyed taking art classes of any type for as long as i can remember.I have taken classes in everything from web design to looming.
About six years ago I enrolled in a metals class at a local college where i learnt how to cast and solder, from that point on metalwork has been my focus although I still enjoy taking various art classes.

What drew you to making Silver jewellery?

I enjoy working with sterling silver jewellery because of the wide variety of looks i can achieve.
It's very easy to produce bright and polished pieces and aged and tarnished ones.
I prefer a softer slightly worn look.

Your  work features alot of abstract whole and partial floral motifs.Such as my favorites "Petal necklace" and "Lotus Flower necklace"  how did the use of florals come about? (images above).

Floral motifs appeal to because they allow me to bring nature into my work.
As much as I love this motif i try not to over adorn with it.Though I love floral detail which you can see on my petal and lotus necklaces, I am always focused on simplicity.
Whether a piece is made soley from metal or incorporates a stone , I try not to over adorn allowing the metal or stone to be the focus.

You also use some beautiful agates in your work  such as the grey banded agate for elegant earrings of the same name that really showcase them.
As well as the piece "What Lies Beneath the Surface" with a fern trapped inside.
Do you cut and polish the stones yourself and why did you choose Agate?

About a year ago i started playing around with Lapidary tools investing in my own polishing and grinding machines.
I try to use mainly stones that I have cut and polished, but as much as i find myself enjoying the whole lapidary process I am finding that trying to do it all, from stone cutting to metal fabrication has really slowed down my overall production. Now I am using a mix of my own stones,purchased stones and stones that I buy then alter.
As for my choice of Agate it is one of my favorite stones for the colour tones and layers of banding within it.
Of all the Agates my favorite is Dendritic Agate.When I first discovered it I could not believe that such fine ferns and flora could be formed inside the stone.
Gray Banded agate earrings

What lies beneath the surface necklace
I also love rough gemstones my favorites being Sapphire,Peridot and of course diamonds especially the brown and black ones which will be in my work and store soon.

The Jewellery range is very tonal in colour, lots of Greys and Silvers sometimes with 14k gold accents.What inspired this colour palette?

It's just who I am.If you was to look in my wardrobe my clothes are the same.Soft dull tones.
I have tried bold and bright colors but it just isn't me.I love a soft worn look.
14k gold disk and initial charm necklace

Can you tell me a bit about your process for making the pieces?

I am constantly sketching, if there is a piece of paper in front of me whether i,m on the phone,paying bills by the time i,m finished it will be covered.
I actually only use about 1/10th of what I draw. Sketching is the start of my ideas.
With the sketch i,ve selected in mind i,ll go to my bench and select stones.I only use what I have and will alter a sketch slightly but not much as i,m aware of what supplies i have.
Then it's back to the bench and my scrapbox fll of metal scraps which i always keep on hand.It's interesting to me how one day something thrown out can have a use the next day.
From this I play around until i,m happy with the outcome.
My biggest obstacle in design and production is detail, i,m obsessed with every tiny one! If a piece is off right back in the scrapbox it goes! Some days production can go smoothly because of it and other days really slow down but it suits me just fine.

Whats the best part of creating a handmade business?

Doing something I love.Building something from the ground up is very,very satisfying.
Actally letting go of a piece can be difficult.I know it may sound crazy but I do worry where it will end up and how it well it will be cared for.

Whats the hardest part of creating a handmade business?

Hands down the hardest part for me is marketing.Finding and reaching out to your target market is not easy and I struggle with it everyday.
It's something that I have to force myself to do. The secound hardest part is being true to myself and what I create earlier in the interview I mentioned that I had created bold and bright pieces but they are just not me.I know it's a popular trend and people like it but I tried it and didn't enjoy it.So even though it's popular it's not something you would find in my shop.

Who are yor favorite etsians and why?

I have to say my favorites change from day to day.But there is one artisan who i,ve followed from the start of my time on etsy. That store is and is my top favroite store of all time.
What I love about Gallery Darrow is the thought,energy and love that store owner Ro puts in every single piece.If I lived closer to her I would like to think we would be the best of buddies.
She writes a blog titled "Along the trail" where she offers stories behind each piece.She just comes across as such a honest person full of life in both her words and her work.She is a true inspiration as both a artisan and a person.
Her work is simply stunning. We also both have cute Yorkshire terriers.As a side note the  "Co" in is my  yorkshire terrier Goldie.Not much of a prodctive help in the studio  but a fantastic companion!

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Whoa! who knew Blogging takes it out of you?

Hi All! oh my goodness! who knew blogging takes it out of you! I had to take a few days off as i was feeling so run down. Now i,m stressed out as i,m behind with sending out the rest of my questionnaires for some more blog features on a range of fantastic artisans.

What happpens is I get a convo plus links to facebook,twitter,shops but sometimes no email addresses so then convo back to get that.Then I have to marry up the persons real name to the shop name and try and keep a log book of who i,ve sent questions to and who hasn't replied yet and who has so i can keep it all straight.

Now i,ve got to do that again as i can't find some people,s emails or have to go over my notes to see who got what!

This blogging thing is almost a full time jobby in itself!

In lighter news i recieved my soutache jewellery kits from she makes beautiful one of a kind beaded art to wear and occasionally soutache jewellery and kits which you can custom order (which is what i did.) Her instructions are thorough and every step is photographed.Do have a butchers (cockney rhyming slang butchers hook = look) at her blog for more of what she's up to.She's also part of the amazing Etsy Beadweavers Team as well.

Right back to drawing out another doll to bead today,sending out questionnaires and tonight there will be a double whammy Handmade blog feature one on Astella19 and Rae and Co  to make up for the last two days see you all later! Dxo

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Taking a break for today.

Hey all! Oh my goodness! I am feeling very tired today.Been beading my secound Art Doll which i finally cracked today.
I,ve had to change my shop opening date to August 30th so keep a note in your diary.Whether i have 1 item or 10 i,m gonna be open for business on that day.
So today i,m going back to my beading and having a little break from the Handmade Blog Feature for today.
I,ll be back tommorrow with a feature on  and coming soon is some undiscovered Etsy talent that i found via the Pounce search on Etsy which is for searching shops that haven't been discovered yet/have had no sales yet or just their first sale recently.

See you all tomorrow TTFN! Dxo.

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Handmade Blog Feature: Austin Modern Vintage

Hello and welcome to another daily Handmade Blog Feature!
This talented husband and wife team not only source beautiful vintage clothing,lighting and furniture which has also been featured in television series MadMen and TrueBlood.They also create beautiful raw and powerful jewellery using natural state stones.Be inspired to makeover your home,your body and adorn yourself in the wares of Austin Modern.See their interview and images from their shop below:

Hi Elle and the team at Austin Modern.Welcome to your blog feature! Firstly Who makes up the team and what are their roles?
Austin Modern is myself Elle Green and my husband Jaime (aka Jim) and on a smaller level our dogs Wednesday and Fergus.
Jim is my wingman when it comes to cross country diving expeditations,looking for new finds.He is my one man packing team and makes an incredicable job of making blast proof packages that travel from side of the globe to the other.Jim's speciality is creating some of the custom lamps design we offer and he gets a kick out of designing using vintage components.
Jim's day job is as a software engineer so he comes up with some very useful Etsy Hacks for me as well.
My job is buying and sourcing all our great finds.I,m also the photographer,runner,researcher,storage and post,marketing and merchandising,web and graphic designer,jeweler and jewellery team ans liason with set designers and tv production companies.Jim is the real unsung hero though,without his support we wouldn't be in business.The dogs provide some late night comedic relief on occassion.

How did the custom jewellery side of the business come into being?
The custom jewelry came into being in 2008.In the late 80's when i was in my teens i took several smithing and casting classes but that experience was set aside until we closed our bricks and mortar vintage business in 2008.I spent more time in the studio and going back to metalworking classes.
The Knuckleduster Line was featured in Daily Candy in 2009 which was rather fast for any small designer to be featured but we were very fortunate that our KD line was was in a gallery that was very proactive about promoting their designers and artists.
As the raw gem jewelry became increasingly popular at all levels,we moved onto different designs like our Rock on Rock Rings.Currently we are releasing a line that looks towards memorabillia collected on the Grand Tours of the 1800's and naturalistic items that you might find in a victorian curio cabinet.

Your fantastic knuckleduster rings is a variety of semi-precious stones and metals.What was the inspiration for the rings and materials and can you tell us a bit about how you create them?
The Knuckleduster rings were inspired by the hippy jewelry of the 60's and 70's where alot of studio jewelry was hand produced using in bronze and used braising rods and large chunky rock specimens to create a chunky effect.
In 2008 we were creating some custom lamps for a client of ours using large amethyst specimens and sliced agate for the lamp body and it seemed such a great fit -would could be cooler than a large spray of amethyst points across your knuckles!
One of our first buyers for the Knuckleduster Collection was Kelly Wearstler we were really amazed that such a well known interior designer was one of our first customers for the collection!
The process is traditional metalsmithing.We don't use glue to hold the pieces together ,each bezel is handcut and designed to fit around the stone and the ring shanls are our own design as well. I will select the specimens myself and let the stone dictate the design.

Ameythyst Knuckle Duster Ring by Austin Modern Copyright reserved

Selection of custom Knuckleduster Rings by Austin Modern copyright Reserved

Rock on Rock Ring Beach Stone and White Topaz by Austin Modern Copyright reserved

The business also sells vintage clothing,furniture and lighting.How did this strand of the business come about?
We primarily started out as a vintage store in Austin in 2002.A large part of our business when we opened was supplying many of the films and tv shows being shot around the Austin Texas area.
We supplied background props such as lighting,furniture and artwork for period films.
Most vintage stores also have a clothing section you really need to provide the full experience when your a bricks and mortar store.Now that we are soley online,our clothing section is very edited and we rarely add new clothing unless it's something amazing like the 1940's wedding dress or fun and faltteringlike the 60's plaid maxidress.

You've had some of your products in MadMen and TrueBlood how did this come about and what was used?
TrueBlood is being filmed just across the Texas state line in Louisiana,many of the prop masters there are from Austin and will source from shops in Austin and Houston since there are so many vintage shops in the area.
Specific props I couldn't's not terriably exciting to supply props for a film or tv other than to watch and say "Hey that guys carrying a gym bag we sold on MadMen" or "Look Hoyt's mother walked past a lamp we sold in TrueBlood!".We love the new Hollywood glam look of Bills Mansion in TrueBlood it's so over the top!
The MadMan Prop Department found us online.We did provide some pieces for Brad Pitt's film The Tree of Life,which was filmed locally and recently released.For that film we provided a Florence Knoll Credenza,several pairs of of mid century lamps (which were all sold on Etsy) and a kitchen table set.
I wish i could have met Brad Pitt or made friends with Angie,but generally we never interact with any of the actors.Most prop departments buy the piece outright but mainly pieces are rented and returned once filming is over.At which point the pieces are sold.We don't always know what pieces were used until the film comes out.
You've also been featured in ElleDecoration Magazine, DailyCandy and many other publications.How did this come about and any tips for others hoping to get featured in such prestigious publications?
Our pieces in ElleDecor have been through designers we work with who have purchased vintage from us or ordered custom pieces for their clients and then their clients homes have been featured.
Usually we don't get credit for  this but we appreciate our loyal interior design customers and 'feel the love' in other ways to.
Architecturial digest featured one of our chairs as Best Design Bet last June.They contacted us directly through another site similar to 1stdibs where we sold some of our higher end furnishings.
We have intentionally "tried" to get featured in magazines but really our best features are blogs and magazines that have contacted us and we are thankful to have clients that promote us to savvy editors as well as the galleries that promote my jewelry.So i can't offer any tips.
Being and selling online is the best self promotion you can possiably do! It's amazing how many editors and bloggers have etsy accounts!

Any tips for people wanting to get into selling vintage items?
Research and Specialise! I specialise in decorative objects from the 20th century.Most of my clients are decorators and designers and i focus on that groups desires and trends as well as buying only what i love.
Vintage dealers attarct clients that like that particular dealers taste.So buying what speaks to you will in turn speak to your customers!
It takes time.We've built up our client list over the last 10years.But i've got a friend on Etsy who's only been in business a year and is featured alot in Etsy Finds.What seems to work for her is killer photos and being very selective about what she sells.She doesn't have more than 40items in her shop at one time but they all work well together and speak to each other.It's very cohesive.
Sadly I think alot of people think pof selling vintage as just buying old stuff  at a rummage sale and hoping it sells.It rarely works this way.You really need to know alot about the items you are selling and about the type of people who will buy those particular objects.
One of our goals for this year is to streamline and edit the shop remove less interesting items and get more items that can be shipped globally.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of creating your handmade business?
I work really hard with the vintage side of the business and creating jewelry is such a blessing! it takes a very different mindset.It's all about what looks good and appeals to me.With vintage is all about what the client wants and needs,researching,sourcing and the travel involved to locate the pieces.
With jewelry it's pure creation from start to finish and i just love that!
I have a studio for the majority of my tools,torches and i-pod.So if i,m really lucky and the stars align and i have nothing that really needs to be done i can sit down and create for 12hours at a time and i find that so joyful!
I,m very lucky to be in a handful of galleries that strive to carry unique jewelry as well as more mainstream pieces .Unique jewelry by artists such as Gabriella Kiss who's work just blows me away!and is carried in two of the galleries that also sells our work.
We realised that for us consignment didn't work because the store owner just wasn't emotionally and financially invested in our pieces the excitment and energyjust wasn't there.

What has been the hardest aspect of creating your handmade business?
The hardest part is not being able to clone myself six ways and add another 24hours to everyday!
The vintage business is my day job and is my main means of support.It's alot of hardwork with a staff of just two and one of you has a full time job elsewhere.
I wish i was better at marketing,promotion,writing descriptions etc...i,m really grateful for all the help we've had from outside sources.I feel certain if i could dedicate more time to all aspects of the business we could really take off! We do laugh at the sheer madness of two people doing the work of 6 or 7 on a daily basis but we love it!
Who are your favorite etsians and why? for their killer photography and their selection is well edited and her portrait plates are hilarious and we have several hanging in our kitchen.

Thanks Elle and Jim for sharing your gorgeous work and the journey so far of also find their wares on their own website

Friday, 15 July 2011

The Art of Kaspian Shore : Art Blog Feature

The Art of Kaspian shore is made up of androygenous young men and women swathed in abstract curves of pastel pinks,whites and grey.Or outlined in Black with some shades of crimson and burnt orange.
His work sounds romantic, it is slightly but also haunting and hints at darker tales.
Welcome to the Art of Kaspian Shore. Below are some examples of his work from earlier in his career thus far to most recent works.
To find out more about him,buy his works and keep up with his latest creations check out his follwoing links: and his etsy shop

Disarm Me Ink & Arcylics on paper 2010

Geisha Boy

Tell me What You Know 2009

Gentle to the Heavy Heart 2011

The Yearning of Gaverial Mixed Media on Arches 2011

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Handmade Blog Feature: Trendy Tiles By Tara

Hi all! well i couldn't wait till Friday.After putting a call for submissions for makers to contact me, I got swamped!
One of the very first people to get their questionnaire back to me was Tara Meadwell the force behind So without furthur ado I introduce Tara Meadwell and her cute,upbeat jewellery label Trendy Tiles By Tara.

Owl Magnet Glass tile set copyright Tara Meadwell Trendytilesbytara

Sapphire Heart Glass Tile Pendent copyright Tara Meadwell Trendytilesbytara
Dream Glass tile pendent copyright Tara Meadwell Trendytilesbytara

Hi Tara and welcome to your blog feature!

Where did the idea for Trendytilesbytara come from?
Trendy Tiles By Tara started when i was trying to create jewellery that fitted in with everyone's everyday lifestyles.
I wanted something that could be worn both to the office on evenings and weekends.I also wanted to create something mom's could buy for themselves and that their daughters would also enjoy.The pendents fit right into this idea.I am self taught and haven't ha any art training and hadn't considered myself a creative before this.
What inspired you to use glass tiles for your jewellery?
The glass tile idea came about from something i saw in a store and i thought that would be neat as a pendent.I went home and googled glass tile pendents and went from there.
I particularly like the "Sapphire Heart" tile can you tell me the inspiration and process behind the piece?
The images i use are usually something that catches my eye.The Sapphire Pendent was created because Sapphire is my favorite stone and i felt once completed,it had a very stunning appeal to it.The process behind the pendents has a few steps.
I select and print the images onto photo paper using a laser jet printer.
Then the images are cut using a 1inch square paper cutter.
Glaze (Sun and Moon) is then applied to the tile and the image adhered and it is allowed to set for about a minute.Pressure is applied to the tile to remove air bubbles and excess glaze.
The tile then has to sit for about an hour.
Once that step is complete i take a pair of sharp scissors ,cut off excess paper from the sides and then with a nail buffer,buff the edges so that they are smooth and even.
The last step is to apply a final layer of glaze to the paper and left to set for 2-3days.
Once completely dried i set the bail and we're done.
You also do keychains and magnets such as the "Cute Owl magnet set" are there any other product ranges/designs in the works using the tiles?
I do plan to eventually use circular tiles for a range of pendents and magnets.
What has been the hardest aspect of creating your handmade business?
The hardest part so far has been finding the inner strength to advertise and promote myself off I am quite shy by nature but through this have found t's fine to put yourself out there.
What has been the most enjoyable aspect of creating your handmade business?
The most rewarding part has been the excitement and fulfilment i feel from creating these products.
As a person who thought she had no creative energy ,this has really shown me that everyone has it in them, You just have to allow yourself to see it!
Who are your favorite Etsians and why? she is wonderful and always offers great advice and encouragement to everyone on the forums. they do beautiful pillows.
And I love her soaps.

To see more of Tara's work go to her shop  and her facebook page

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Handmade Friday coming soon!

Hey all! a new feature will be coming next week called "Handmade Friday" The feature will showcase a whole host of handmade artisans, artists,designers.
The first theme will be called "Handmade Rainbow" featuring designers that create Home Decor,Fashion and more that is bright,beautiful and rainbow hued.
Great for bringing cheer and a festival feeling to your life!

Look out soon also for a beautiful and exclusive little featurette on the talented young artist Kaspian Shore.