Friday, 29 July 2011

Handmade Blog Feature: Mystic Silks

I love silk scarves.You can wrap them round your head,your neck,thread them through your jeans or just tie them round your waist.Some are so beautiful and artistic you could frame them and hang them as artworks. Our next Artisan falls very much into that catergory.
Klaire from Mystik Silks.  Her work stood out beacuse of it's artistry,colour palette and labour intensive love and creation that goes into each scarf.On her blog she chronicles their making and details the often poignant stories behind them as with her Head Candy Series.

Without furthur ado, I introduce to you the inspirational artistry of Mystic Silks.

Hi Klaire and welcome to your blog feature.Firstly how did Mystic Silks come about and where did the name come from?

I was taking watercolour classes at a local college.My art instructor suggested I look into taking 'silk art' classes as a why to help me combat my anxiety that stemmed from a need to be in control.She stated that working with silk and dyes no one can determine what will show up and where the paints will flow.Especially in the steaming process.
As an example take a look at "Fairies in our garden"  If you zoom in and look closely closely between the rose bush and the fairy stump,you'll see images of people sitting on the ground.I call them Adam and Eve.The steaming process and the angels brought that into focus and because of these happenings I called my business Mystic Silks.

Can you tell me more about the simple and beautiful story behind your Head Candy Series and the special addition you made to the scarves and why?
Harry Potter Magic from Head Candy Series

My Way from Head Candy Series

Mysteries from Head Candy Series

The inspiration for the "Head Candy Series" came from my doc's gal-friday Susan.She wanted to know if I created head scarves that could be worn by patients who had suffered hair loss as a result of the affects of chemotheraphy? I thought what a wonderful inspiration!
So I ordered 10 blank silk scarves and began the long process of creating the series that I call "Head Candy".After dyeing,steaming,washing,rinsing excess dye, I had a inspiring thought while ironing them.
I have a small vile of 'Holy Water' from Lourdes in France.It was almost 20years ago that a friend brought it back for me and it had about 10 drops in the vile originally.
There was still the same amount 20years later! (editors note: after all that time some of the precious contents should have evaporated.) enough for each scarf. So I added a drop of 'Holy Water' to each scarf as I ironed them.It is my intention that the blessings from the holy water touch each person who wears the Head Candy scarves in some way.

On a side note another strange happening while making the Head Candy series.I decided to name one of the scarves "Harry Potter" and had 50 photos i had taken on my computor.When I looked back up at the screen I was aghast.All 50 images had been renamed "Harry Potter" so I had to go back and retype all the original names back in and hoped Harry Potter would cease with the funny stuff!

What inspired "The Wild Ones" and "Summer" series of scarves?
The Wild ones series was again an inspiration.Several years ago I had bought some long silk scarf blanks several months ago but was not sure what I should design.Like a bolt out of the blue something said to me "Do a series on animals that are going extinct if man does not stop destroying them". The Whale,Lion (all wild jungle big cats),Elephants,the entire eco-system of the Amazon jungle, I used the cute and tiny tree frog as a symbol representing that.
Then the Hummingbird was just my fun one.God forbid they start to decline!

The "Summer" series celebrates summer.
Amazon Tree Frog from Wild Ones Series

Lion King of Beasts from Wild Ones series

Your also an accompolished painter of silk and canvas.How did creating original works of art on silk and canvas (acrylic and watercolour paintings) come about?
Full Moon Original Arcylic Painting

Trees FullMoom original arcylic painting
The leap from painting with oils,acrylics on canvas then onto silks and dyes was just a natural evolution into different dimensions of Art.
Does your paintings feed into the scarves and the scarves the paintings?Especialy as many silk painters say that watercolor painting reminds them of silk painting and dyeing because of the translucence of the paint.

Fickle Winds Original Silk Art Pinting

Mountains Majesty Original Silk Art Painting
No not for me.The colours after being steamed are so alive and vibrant!
Your informative and inspirational blog details the process of your creations and features poetry by you and other authours.What inspires you to create and what is the process for making the scarves?

Some of the poetry that I love seems to fit with some of the scarves I,ve created.I can't say I,ve created a scarf because of a particular piece of poetry.
I have to say the 'mystical muses' is what inspire me no matter how I choose to create,whether it's silk scarves,oils,acrylics,poetry or short stories I have written.The reason I attribute the 'muses' is because when they are on vacation I haven't one idea or feel the least bit inspired.
This creative process cannot be forced! If it is whatever you do will turn out lousy because it doesn't come from deep down inside your hearts core. I think thats where all the muses reside.
For the process I how I create the scarves if anyone is interested, have a look on my blog or etsy profile. In short it is a labour of love.

Have you ever lost your muse and if so how do you/did you get it back?
Go out and have fun,Read a good book, the muses will return!
Whats next for Mystic Silks?
I have no idea what is next for "Mystik Silks" as I live in the present moment., the 'Now' of life.
Johnathan L Seagull silk painted art cushion/pillow
Everything happens as it should in a timely manner.I trust in this!
Whats been the hardest aspect of creating your business?
Keeping up with learning all the SEO changes and what pleases the online god.Google.

Whats been the most rewarding part of creating yor business?
When a customer contacts me to tell me how much they love their order or if it's been given as a gift how happy and pleased they were.It's like a flower drinking in cool life giving waters.
Who are your favorite etsians and why?
Favorite folks on Etsy are my team members from Design Style Guide:. and Togo from the Etsy forums she is so helpful when it comes to explaining technical changes on etsy.
Also who was my first customer on etsy.


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