Thursday, 28 July 2011

Handmade Blog Feature: Astella19

Hello all! i,m back with another handmade blog feature.This time on mixed media jeweller Aysha Hollins from Houston Texas of Astella19 a young lady who makes bold colorful handpainted and thread jewellery. She is a lady of few words and prefers her work to do the talking which is way this blog feature is quite short. So here we go, introducing jeweller Astella19.

Hi Astella and welcome to your Blog Feature.Firstly what inspired you to express your creativity through jewellery making?
I first started making jewellery for myself.As the things I felt would fit my style I couldn't find in stores.

You use a wide variety of materials in your jewellery,wood,string,thread.What inspired such a diverse use of materials?
My attention span would be the real cause of why I jump from material to material lol!
I usually get an idea and just run with it.
Thats why I haven't exactly stuck with one material.
Beautiful Black Woman Handpainted Earrings with Flowers on Reverse Copyright Astella19

Lady Gaga Earrings Handpainted by Astella19

I really love your handpainted earrings,especially the Mod Zebra Earrings.What was the process behind them?
Those earrings were actually supposed to be all zebra when I started.Once I actually started painting i thought i,d try some colour blocking and just went with it and the earrings came out better than expected.
Retro Mod Zebra Earrings copyright Astella19

Retro Mod Heart Earrings Copyright Astella19

Zebra Mix Earrings Copyright Astella19

The Rose Printed thread earrings are so intricate,yet simple looking.What was the process behind them?
The technique for those came from a friend who also does arts and crafts and from there the Dreamcatcher earrings were created as well.
Rose Print Thread Earrings by Astella19

Whats next for ?
I plan to create some necklaces and bracelets in the future.

Who are your favorite etsians and why?
As i,m quite new I haven't got any favorites yet!

Find Astella's beautiful bold afrocentric jewellery at
Follow her on Twitter @AFR0CENTRIC
Find her on facebook

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