Saturday, 6 August 2011

Behind The Seams:Reading,Beading,Imagineering my week so far

Hi all! It's been a few days or more since I posted, I know! Especially as I listed on Twitter the next lot of Handmade Blog Features that were due this week. Don't worry you'll be getting all four over the this weekend starting from today.

So when not blogging what am I up to?

Lots of reading,beading and Imagineering new design ideas for my healing and spirit doll collections!
I,m opening my etsy shop  aka "House of Spiritflower by OpalOrchid" by the end of August so i,ve been stalking the forums on Etsy marking posts relating to photography,getting more views and sales.
I,ve also been checking out as well and am thinking of getting their Pro membership to get access to even more fantastic bizness advice,e-courses and advice.

I,ve also been reading my favorite blogs and her shop about the tattooed mother who does Tatting. A old textile artform that she uses to make some of the most gorgeous masks,necklaces and ankle corsets around.Embellished with tiny beads and sequins.Check her out her work is elegant,edgy and top quality. I especially love reading her no nonsense advice on business,Etsy and more.
Charm Necklace By Copyright TotusMel
As a sometime thread embroiderer I also love  reading about the work of british embroidery company and her blog she used to customise clothing,make purses and tactile textile jewellery using her original artwork which she transfers onto cloth in various ways such as the acetone technique as well as using the mini japanese screenprinter called a Gocco.These machines are very rare to find but do check out Etsy as I found some there. If thats not for you (shipping from Japan is expensive and so is the machine) try and the Yudu Machine which is on sale at the moment for $120.00 and comes with everything you need plus a instructional DVD to get started.
Yudu Machine on sale for $149.00 at down from $299.00
Apart from that i,ve been beading like mad for the last few days.(pictures coming soon once i find and charge my camera).
I,ve been working on small dresses for a one of a kind (ooak) healing doll using a pattern from a book i bought, for both the dresses and the doll.The first dress has taken me 14hours to bead completely using size 10 seedbeads,4mm czech glass crystal beads and 4mm rice pearls in iris purple and royal blue. I,m now working on the secound one called "Bliss".It has the word beaded on the front on top of what will be a beaded flower motif. The word was traced from my book on blogging called "Blogging for Bliss Crafting your own online journnal.A guide for Crafters,Artists & Creatives of all kinds" by Tara Frey.

Whats Imagineering?
Imagineering is a word I picked up from one of my books on doll making "Designing the Doll" by   Susanna Oroyan                .I,ve two of her books,which I use mainly for inspiration. Imagineering for me is creating in my head.I daydream a doll idea while looking in a almost intense way at a doll pattern and my referance books on butterflies,moths and flora.I also think of a theme.At the moment it's mainly flowers,the four western elements : Fire,Water,Earth,Air (all met together in a garden fair bound in a basket of skin if you answer this riddle you'll never begin, from the kids book The Night Maze a old favorite I still own and read Oh and the answer is man/woman/you.)and the Five Eastern Elements: Wood,Fire,Earth,Metal,Air.
Book i,m lusting over and want to buy below.

So thats been my week so far along with meeting my business and progression mentors from the Princes Trust and lots of painting and decorating of a very large house with no end in sight yet! and no the house isn't mine.I live in a first floor flat in Hammersmith London Uk near the River Thames, and the cool cinema house/performance space,program recording place RiverSide Studios. With great views of Hammersmith Bridge especially at  night when all the lights are on that outline it like the lights on Harrods.

See you all soon with a sweet Handmade Blog Feature: Emma Dickie of The Candy Tree. Dxo

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