Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Whoa! who knew Blogging takes it out of you?

Hi All! oh my goodness! who knew blogging takes it out of you! I had to take a few days off as i was feeling so run down. Now i,m stressed out as i,m behind with sending out the rest of my questionnaires for some more blog features on a range of fantastic artisans.

What happpens is I get a convo plus links to facebook,twitter,shops but sometimes no email addresses so then convo back to get that.Then I have to marry up the persons real name to the shop name and try and keep a log book of who i,ve sent questions to and who hasn't replied yet and who has so i can keep it all straight.

Now i,ve got to do that again as i can't find some people,s emails or have to go over my notes to see who got what!

This blogging thing is almost a full time jobby in itself!

In lighter news i recieved my soutache jewellery kits from she makes beautiful one of a kind beaded art to wear and occasionally soutache jewellery and kits which you can custom order (which is what i did.) Her instructions are thorough and every step is photographed.Do have a butchers (cockney rhyming slang butchers hook = look) at her blog for more of what she's up to.She's also part of the amazing Etsy Beadweavers Team as well.

Right back to drawing out another doll to bead today,sending out questionnaires and tonight there will be a double whammy Handmade blog feature one on Astella19 and Rae and Co  to make up for the last two days see you all later! Dxo

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