Sunday, 17 July 2011

Taking a break for today.

Hey all! Oh my goodness! I am feeling very tired today.Been beading my secound Art Doll which i finally cracked today.
I,ve had to change my shop opening date to August 30th so keep a note in your diary.Whether i have 1 item or 10 i,m gonna be open for business on that day.
So today i,m going back to my beading and having a little break from the Handmade Blog Feature for today.
I,ll be back tommorrow with a feature on  and coming soon is some undiscovered Etsy talent that i found via the Pounce search on Etsy which is for searching shops that haven't been discovered yet/have had no sales yet or just their first sale recently.

See you all tomorrow TTFN! Dxo.

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