Friday, 15 July 2011

The Art of Kaspian Shore : Art Blog Feature

The Art of Kaspian shore is made up of androygenous young men and women swathed in abstract curves of pastel pinks,whites and grey.Or outlined in Black with some shades of crimson and burnt orange.
His work sounds romantic, it is slightly but also haunting and hints at darker tales.
Welcome to the Art of Kaspian Shore. Below are some examples of his work from earlier in his career thus far to most recent works.
To find out more about him,buy his works and keep up with his latest creations check out his follwoing links: and his etsy shop

Disarm Me Ink & Arcylics on paper 2010

Geisha Boy

Tell me What You Know 2009

Gentle to the Heavy Heart 2011

The Yearning of Gaverial Mixed Media on Arches 2011

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