Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Handmade Blog Feature: Trendy Tiles By Tara

Hi all! well i couldn't wait till Friday.After putting a call for submissions for makers to contact me, I got swamped!
One of the very first people to get their questionnaire back to me was Tara Meadwell the force behind http://www.trendytilesbytara.etsy.com/ So without furthur ado I introduce Tara Meadwell and her cute,upbeat jewellery label Trendy Tiles By Tara.

Owl Magnet Glass tile set copyright Tara Meadwell Trendytilesbytara

Sapphire Heart Glass Tile Pendent copyright Tara Meadwell Trendytilesbytara
Dream Glass tile pendent copyright Tara Meadwell Trendytilesbytara

Hi Tara and welcome to your blog feature!

Where did the idea for Trendytilesbytara come from?
Trendy Tiles By Tara started when i was trying to create jewellery that fitted in with everyone's everyday lifestyles.
I wanted something that could be worn both to the office on evenings and weekends.I also wanted to create something mom's could buy for themselves and that their daughters would also enjoy.The pendents fit right into this idea.I am self taught and haven't ha any art training and hadn't considered myself a creative before this.
What inspired you to use glass tiles for your jewellery?
The glass tile idea came about from something i saw in a store and i thought that would be neat as a pendent.I went home and googled glass tile pendents and went from there.
I particularly like the "Sapphire Heart" tile can you tell me the inspiration and process behind the piece?
The images i use are usually something that catches my eye.The Sapphire Pendent was created because Sapphire is my favorite stone and i felt once completed,it had a very stunning appeal to it.The process behind the pendents has a few steps.
I select and print the images onto photo paper using a laser jet printer.
Then the images are cut using a 1inch square paper cutter.
Glaze (Sun and Moon) is then applied to the tile and the image adhered and it is allowed to set for about a minute.Pressure is applied to the tile to remove air bubbles and excess glaze.
The tile then has to sit for about an hour.
Once that step is complete i take a pair of sharp scissors ,cut off excess paper from the sides and then with a nail buffer,buff the edges so that they are smooth and even.
The last step is to apply a final layer of glaze to the paper and left to set for 2-3days.
Once completely dried i set the bail and we're done.
You also do keychains and magnets such as the "Cute Owl magnet set" are there any other product ranges/designs in the works using the tiles?
I do plan to eventually use circular tiles for a range of pendents and magnets.
What has been the hardest aspect of creating your handmade business?
The hardest part so far has been finding the inner strength to advertise and promote myself off Etsy.com I am quite shy by nature but through this have found t's fine to put yourself out there.
What has been the most enjoyable aspect of creating your handmade business?
The most rewarding part has been the excitement and fulfilment i feel from creating these products.
As a person who thought she had no creative energy ,this has really shown me that everyone has it in them, You just have to allow yourself to see it!
Who are your favorite Etsians and why?
http://www.pixiebell.etsy.com/ she is wonderful and always offers great advice and encouragement to everyone on the forums.
http://www.pookieandjack.etsy.com/ they do beautiful pillows.
And http://www.pinkdottedowl.etsy.com/ I love her soaps.

To see more of Tara's work go to her shop http://www.trendytilesbytara.etsy.com/  and her facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Trendy-Tiles-By-Tara/188476601199576

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