Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Behind the Seams: Etsy Shop is Open!

Hey everyone! after putting the date back and back, as I was having so many technical,personal and confidence issues I have finally opened my etsy shop! The url has now changed as Etsy has finally allowed people to change their shop name. Before my shop was opalorchid (dot) etsy (dot) com but now my url is

I only have 1 item at present but 2 more pendants will be coming this week! They just have to have the backing fabric sewn on and a beautifully decacdent edging of pearls,amethyst, coral and beads added to them. As well as Loopy hair which doubles as a bead loop bail. Heres some pictures of the pendant below. I forgot to name her in my item description.

I name her: Pearl Rose. (much nicer than pink,purple,lillac pendant!)

Pearl Rose Goddess Pendant aka "Pink,Purple,Lillac Pendant"

 As you can see I love my pearls. She has 81 in all that are various shades of creams,pinks,lillacs. The seed beads are small size 10's.

In this picture here on the left you can see the closeup of the beaded loop bail. It was done slightly off center just to make it look more interesting. When hung on a thin cord or chain the pendant doesn't look askew but hangs nicely.

I,ve actually kept this pendant for myself, as I know one of the best form of advertising is wearing your goods yourself.But I never manage to keep anything aside for myself. So When I went bead shopping i found a cord with magnetic fastening and put my pendant on and got compliments immediately from the staff In Bead Aura in Covent Garden, as well as a few ladies glancing at it while I was on the train.
Below is a image of the center of the rose motif and the pearls used.
Close up of rose motif center ,seed bead colour blending and pearl cluster.

Pearl Rose worn by me

The above image shows a closeup of the pearls that were used. I love the luster of pearls and frequently use them as if they were seed beads adding as many as I can to my bead embroidery to give it additionally texture. For sparkle I use facetted seed beads, czech glass bicones and swarovski crystals as you,ll see very soon. The pendant came out a bit bigger than I expected.When I was doing the artwork for it originally it seemed so small, but once it was beaded,lined and edged and the bail had been added it looked much bigger. Unfortunately i,ve made a rookie mistake (well i am a rookie!) and forgot to list the dimesnions I will measure and add those here and to the listing later today. Hmpf!
So what do you think? You like, do want to see more variations in colours? maybe slightly smaller (bring on the size 15 beads that will take oh yeah!!! plus the magnifying eye thingy's i,ll need and the ribbing i,ll get from the other half!lol) comments welcome as always. Dxo

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