Saturday, 24 September 2011

Sorry for the silence.Heres a update!

Hi  all "i,m not dead" in the immortal words of artist pink!  I have had a rough few  weeks with my brother in law to be (i,m engaged to a wonderful man!)  who had to be rushed to hopsital for emergancy  surgery on hios spine or risk being paralysed. So i was supporting my neice and family members.As well as redecorating my mum in law to be's house along with my various (read numerous) in-laws. Plus i did my back in a little bit and couldn't move  much because of it.
Album cover from P!NKS  first album Misunderstood copyright retained by her record label.

So whats gonna happen now?

dollar sign clipart.Princes Trust logo is a registered trademark  go to
Well I have 5weeks to finalise my business plan and get my etsy shop up and running! and go for funding from the fantastic Princes Trust. If you,ve not heard of this organisation. The charity was started up by His Royal Highness Prince Charles   35 years ago and they help people aged 16 - 30 with setting up their own businesses,providing small grants of £250 to test trade and can also offer up to £4000 in funding. They also do many other programs such as helping young people find a trade and employment through special work placements such as within music,fashion,construction and recently farming. They also help young people get into sport and give money to groups of teens who would like to start their own after school/after school center. check out the Princes trust (if the link is wrong just google  Princes trust).

I,ve also been spending alot of time beading,beading and more beading my healing art dolls.Which I hope will help people feel stronger,postive  and be a therapuetic aid to be used alone or within art theraphy and counselling scenerios. I also hope to offer doll kits so people can make their own  with clear written and photo instructions or maybe even videos on a data dvd you play in your computer.

bead tubes found on flickr and gorgeous art found online representing the depth and sadness of depression.

I have so many cool ideas!!!!! It's hard to focus sometimes so i write them all down and carve out time to research them a little.
thought bubble clip art.The  amount of amazing ideas i could fill in that!

So yep thats what i,ve been up to. Sorry for lack of pics will have some soon!  Stay strong,Postive and remember you are  cool,unique and amazing! Have a great Saturday! Dxo

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