Monday, 31 October 2011

Audrey Kawasaki plush dolls

Hi all! I was perusing one of my favorite artists blog's Audrey Kawasaki and her livejournal blog I have been thinking alot about creating a series of dolls, doll jewellery that is intended to be a meditation,healing and rehabilitation aid.

What I love about these dolls is it combines her beautiful oil painting and womens faces and delicate hands on a simple felt form. Enjoy the pictures below.

Oil painted doll's face and hands on canvas

One of the dolls during making process.

Cool huh? for more pictures from audrey's blog about this piece go to
Audrey's main artwork is innocent yet sexy young women interacting with macabre natural forms,each other and the viewer. She mainly paints on wooden panels using oils but also does artworks in pen and ink on paper. Audreys work is in such high demand that many pieces sell out within  few hours! Do take a look at this talented young lady's website as well to see why i,m so in love with her artistry

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