Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Behind the Seams: Show and Tell work in progress

Happy Tuesday all! I hope you had a great all Hallows Eve. I personally went dancing with my brother and my boyfriend and apart from my feet being tortured by my killler heels, it was a great night.

So what have I been up to? Well I have been sitting on my comfy sofa beading,beading and more beading! having photo's of work done by my boyfriend and getting more dolls stuffed and ready to be listed. Heres a sneaky peek at whats coming to the etsy shop soon. Also have you noticed a new page under the header on this blog? The Shop page? Yep I will be putting selected products from what i,m making currently onto a dedicated shop page on the blog! yay! surf my blog posts then go there and buy a piece that also comes with more colour options than the product in my etsy store. But of course you can also peruse my etsy store as well to see what other goodies are there to delight you.

so heres whats coming soon!

Amethyst pearl Goddess pendent

Delicate Amethyst Flower Goddess Pendant

Blue waves Flower Goddess Doll

The keeper of spirit Goddess Doll

Designs for Hope Dolls using a limited colour palette of blue,purples,yellow and orange
So thats whats done and whats in progress or on the beading table at the moment. What do you think?
Don't forget to check the etsy shop AND the Shopping page here on the blog.

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