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Handmade Blog Feature: Rowan300 by Lori

I love steampunk! the gears,the shades of copper,rust.The idea of sky pirates in air ships powered with steam. The movies such as Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, The Hellboy franchise particularly Hellboy2 is very steampunk influenced.It's a whole alternative lifestyle and fashion gaining momentum every day. Take a look at TotusMel's blog devoted to the subject .

Lori of Rowan300 is a mother,blogger,jeweller,sculptor who mainly creates steampunk jewellery and wire jewellery accented or heavily featuring semi precious stones.She creates using bits of clockfaces,nuts,bolts,rings of metal and more. But her work is not all traditional steampunk. Oh no. Some pieces are brilliant in color to be worn with pretty gowns or a simple outfit.

Welcome to Lori's world of upcycled beauty and her corner of etsy Rowan300
Industrial Crystal, Earrings

Hi Lori and welcome to your blog feature! First question, What inspired you to create your Industrial/Steampunk Jewellery Line?
I had a bunch of old watches and took them apart and was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful the watch parts were.My son told me about steampunk and I fell in love.

I also noticed you create intricate robots and sculpture.I love Sir Wallace Shufflebottom what was inspiration behind this little character?
I was looking at the parts from my grandmother's old watch and thought the watch movement looked like a face.I,ve always been a fan of robots,sci-fi and fantasy and my imagination took off from there.
Sir Wallace Shufflebottom
Nothing But Heart Robot pendant

I've never seen Steampunk jewellery with color before!What inspired the use of color in the "Industrial Fantasy Series" and the "Moon series" especially the gorgeous "Honey Moon Necklace"?
I believe that Steampunk and Industrial Jewellery can be worn with anything from jeans and t-shirt to a ball gown.I would to see more people embrace it as a form of self expression rather than wearing the same old boring jewellery all the time and I thought adding color might be a way to get people to look at it differently.
HoneyMoon Necklace from the Moon Series

Lightning Moon Bracelet from the Moon series

Lightning moon necklace from the moon series

You also have a range of wire wrapped stone jewellery using rough cut stones.Was that range an extenston of the Industrial style but using more natural materials?
I started off making jewellery by wire wrapping.I have a large collection of stones that I,d been holding onto for years and I thought that would be the perfect way to set alot of it.
Blue Gem wire wrap and brass

You have a very informative and honest blog called Madd Dogg Of tomorrow with alot of informative tips and chronicling your journey as a maker could you tell what inspired the name and why you decided to blog?
Madd Dogg is my nickname.It's kind of a joke with my friends and family because i,m  actually a pretty mild mannered person.I decided to do Madd Dogg of Tomorrow since so many of my pieces are derived from watches and clocks.

Cat Pendant

In your blog you mention setting up two businesses, Rowan300 being one.What is the other?
My Son and I want to start up a mobile bakery,We both love to bake and have the basics started.We just need to get the funding together fo the equipment.

What has been the hardest part of your handmade business?
Getting people other than my family and friends to notice my work.
Gears and doughnuts earrings and Bracelet

What has been the most rewarding aspect of running your handmade business?
I love making and tinkering.I,ve worked in a office setting for a long time and that kind of work makes me feel kind of numb inside.I would come home and not want to anything for the rest of the day.
Now i,m more energized and happy and want to go for walks with the dogs,play with the dog,hang out with friends and family It's really changed my life for the positive.

Industrial Chain necklace with Brass

Who are your favorite etsians and why? and both have really awesome shops,are also really nice people and very talented artists.

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  1. Thank you so much for all your kind words and for featuring me. I love your blog.