Friday, 24 June 2011

Works in progress, works in re-use and old works that inspire me now.

A few days ago i took pictures of my some of my bead embroidered t-shirts,mainly to test out my photography skills(shaky hands = plenty of cursing and asking my partner to take over.) and to re-inspire me.

I had realised the beadwork was way to heavy for the t-shirts so was going to put the appliques to use on a different project but wanted some pics first of how they looked before they were transformed.

Below is my own artworks and beadworks that are being re-used at the moment to create intricate bags (my next post will have progress pics of those.) Apologies for the shaky camera work, i unfortuntaely suffer from the shakes every time i hold a camera!

I will post how some of these beadwork pieces got transformed into new items or the materials got re-used for new beadworks.

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